Social scene at Vassar...

<p>How much of it follows the stereotype? IE Big majority of gay guys and vindictive lesbians? Or are the stereotypes just made up?</p>

<p>How does the student body percieve varsity athletes?</p>

<p>yes, there are gay people and there are lesbians. Vindictive as an adjective strikes me as hilarious, so no,they aren't vindictive. they're totally regular people. And as for athletes, they're people. At Vassar you're not defined by your activities or lifestyle as much as you are by your own personality: ie, if you're a good person, it doesn't matter WHAT you do.</p>

<p>Ok, that sounds good. I'm not homophobic at all, I just got the impression that they were crazy from all of the college review books. But I didn't get that impression when I visited the campus. I like Vassar, and I think I could like it a lot. Poughkeepsie seemed like... an interesting town for Vassar to be in. Are there nice things to see in the city? My drive through it was brief, so maybe I missed it. </p>

<p>Thanks for the reply... helped uncloud my view of Vassar :).</p>


<p>from what i've seen and heard of the town, it's not the best college town. we all kinda don't think much of it really, but most of us only know that which is in walking distance.</p>

<p>Poughkeepsie is not the best college town, but that said there is so much to do on campus you don't need to leave. If you want to leave (which is understandable, you will get stircrazy) there is a movie theater, and bowling and a mall and if you want to travel further you can head to Rhinebeck, which is a cute town north on route 9 or head south or to Millbrook or even take the train to NYC. There is so much to do. There are always accapella concerts, plays, lectures, mug nights, etc. You will not be bored. </p>

<p>As for other social scenes, it's not a huge party college. There are parties, there is alcohol, this shouldn't be a big surprise. There isn't any pressure to drink or do drugs or what have you. You are free to do what you want in terms of that.</p>

<p>Yes there are homosexuals on campus, there are also heterosexuals on campus (as is probably the case with many other campus in this country). I think Vassar has a stereotype of having many gay and lesbians. I don't think you really think about it, you just see people, smart, nice people. I personally had a boyfriend my four years there, and yes he went to Vassar as well (graduated the year before me). I know many people who found boyfriends there and are still with them, I know others who haven't dated people at Vassar. It all depends on you. I wouldn't worry. The girl/guy ratio is becoming more even each year so don't fret.</p>

<p>Don't hesitate to send me a message with questions.</p>

<p>I also wonder what are the proportion of straight vs gay males? You malke it sound like it is the same as everywhere else, is that so?</p>

<p>i wonder..why do so many gay people go to vassar? im not saying its a bad thing though.</p>

<p>I think the stereotype of Vassar being full of hippies, hipsters, artists, etc. and being wary of jocks is outdated. Vassar is recruiting more and more athletes and it's easy to see how the dynamic is changing. Everyone says Vassar is changing, especially the professors who have been here awhile. It's getting much more preppy and conservative, which I think is refleive of society at large. Some people like it, and some (like me) hate it.
Oh, and there are a lot of queer people here because Vassar is very accepting, and still, for the most part, liberal.
The parties are mostly small, in room parties, where you will probably have to know someone to be invited to.
And like vclovesteeth05 said, you don't really think about who's straight and who's not, you just see people.
I actually quite like Poughkeepsie, it's better than anyplace near where I lived. However, you must have a car. If you don't have a car, you will go crazy because Vassar is such a small campus. They'll tell you they have shuttles to the mall, but they are highly unreliable or there will be too many people and you won't get a spot. Taxis are usually the way to go, but can be expensive. However, this is fine for your first year, but after that you might want a car, or be very good friends with someone who has a car. But like I said, I think there is actually quite a bit to do in Poughkeepsie.</p>

<p>I recently visited and don't think there were more gay people than the other campus' we visited. I felt the school was making an effort to recruit more athletes and more males.</p>

<p>i felt like i was in the 1960s when i visited last year.</p>

<p>Umm, ok, why do you think that?</p>

<p>i was just at Vassar on thursday night and it convinced me to send in my deposit! a few things i think will help you decide that definitely made an impression on me- first of all, everyone there seems so enthusiastic and happy to be where they are. i'm pretty sure it's like #1 on the princeton review for happiest students, too. also, my host told me that her class ('09) is actually 49-51 female-male ratio and the class of '10 will be 50-50. finally, i will also be a student athlete at Vassar and i felt a genuine respect/appreciation for athletes. after all, they make up 25% of the population. i hope this helps, good luck with your decision.</p>

<p>Yes, everyone here is very enthusiastic and happy. However, although Vassar used to be on the Princeton Review List for happiest students, I don't believe we are any longer. But, then again, how reliable is the Princeton Review for measuring these things? I highly doubt there can be that much difference between now and a few years ago. Also, it's a myth that the class of 2009 is 49-51, or, as some say, 50-50, it's actually closer to 40-60, male to female, and I don't believe the statistics are out yet for the class of 2010, but it will prolly be around the same. </p>

<p>I'm so glad you've decided to come to Vassar. Yes, the athletes are somewhat appreciated, not revered, but for the most part not made fun of either. I believe most see it as a hobby, not a way of life, however I do think Vassar is beginning to recruit more athletes, so the dynamic is changing, I hope you enjoy your years at Vassar!</p>

<p>i just sent in my deposit yesterday as well and i'm really excited. something i liked about my visit at vassar was that i saw a lot of athletic-looking people (in sports uniforms, w/ athletic team shirts, etc.) but it didn't seem like there were defined "jocks" and "artists." after all, i love and appreciate and participate in art, music, and athletics. it just seemed like there were less stereotypical "artsy" type people and just people in general, w/o completely defined cliques.</p>