Social Scene Brown vs. Northwestern vs. Harvard

Hi guys!

I am a senior in high school and I am having a really difficult time finding out about the social scenes at these schools. I am one who is very focused academically but also enjoys going out and having fun. Can anyone please give me insight as to the kind of people and social scene at these schools or at Ivy schools in general.

Thank you! I appreciate anything.

None of these places are homogenous enough to have one ‘social scene’. All of them have lots of students who are focused academically but also enjoy having fun- and who define ‘fun’ lots of different ways. If you want to figure out which is the best fit for you, visits are best.

All are populated by highly intelligent students. All have admit rates below 10%.

Northwestern University has the largest Greek system participation among these 3 schools. Also, has Chicago nearby which was just rated as #1 On Conde Nest Traveller’s The Best Cities in the US 2019 readers’ choice survey.