social scene

<p>How is the social scene at Syracuse? What kind of people go there (ex: preppy kids who aren't too accepting and have a lot of money, hipsters who want to stand out, or a mix?)? Are the people there friendly? </p>

<p>How are the weekends? What do students tend to do for fun? Are there a lot of parties? If so, are they out of control, boring, or in the middle? Do students go around different parts of the city hang out? If so, what is there to do there? Is there a lot of activities to do on campus? </p>

<p>Are students at Syracuse open? Are they just looking for hookups and drunk nights, or are they more interested in personalities and long lasting relationships (friends and love)?</p>

<p>Thank you for any of the numerous questions you can answer... I really appreciate the honesty.</p>

<p>in all honesty, coming from someone in the middle class, there are a lot of rich people here. some of them don't know that they're rich and will tell you they're middle class; then you overhear them talking about their summer house and spring break trips to exotic locations. nevertheless, these people are generally very kind and not particularly stuck up. just about everyone here is very accepting of differences, whether those be religious, political, racial, or socioeconomic. </p>

<p>it's really hard to classify people here as one type of person or another because there's such a wide variety. i'd say we have our fair share of hipsters, jocks, and normal people. however, no one takes this particularly seriously--there's certainly mingling between the groups and you can never tell on game day since everyone's in orange.</p>

<p>we have ungodly amounts of parties. there's any kind of party you could possibly want. you want a massive rager with kegs? we got it. you want a chill sit down with just friends? that too. classy wine night? yes. sober parties? it happens. just wanna dance with an excellent dj? you can probably find it. looking for gay men dressed in pantyhose and 7 or 8 women making out with them while you drink excessive amounts? go to the marathon house. </p>

<p>despite popular opinion, i've found the city to be fairly interesting. you probably won't be running around the city very often, but there are nice places to eat and interesting people to meet if you try hard enough. a lot of students are afraid of getting stabbed or having to talk to locals. the stabbing doesn't happen during daylight and the locals are nice as long as you are too. mostly, you'll be finding things to do on the quad, marshall street, or at parties. if you're interested in the city, we do have some nice galleries and food. </p>

<p>the love question can't really be answered. some students just want to go out and have sex with as many people as they want; others want a few casual hookups; others want relationships; architecture and art students only have time to make love to their work. </p>

<p>one last thing. i honestly love this place. you might not think you want a school with ridiculous partying or such a wide range of people, but you'll never want to leave once you feel the orange love.</p>