Social Scene

Ok so I’ve seen multiple posts about this and read about it on multiple different websites but I can’t seem to get a grip on the social scene. Some places/posts say that its a big party school, others say theres nothing to do (literally).

From what I understand the frat parties seem to be pretty popular but, but very selective. I also read something that said sports houses are popular? What about bars? Also one place said sporing events are pretty popular.

I understand that anywhere you put a bunch of 18-22 year old kids there’s going to be a party, and partying is not the #1 thing on my list but I’m seeing to many different answers, and I’m pretty confused. I plan on visiting the campus this spring so I will probably get a better feel then.

Any reply would be great, and yes I have read the NYT article.

Ok… HWS is a small school and for a small school, i have to say it throws down. There are always multiple parties every Thursday-Saturday and there are plenty of good bars.

I will say, however, that the parties are thrown by frats and sports houses and if you don’t know anyone it’s pretty hard to get into parties, especially as a first year guy.

Now regarding the NYT article… I feel it is a very false representation of the colleges. The school does soooo much educate students on safe alcohol consumption and consexual sex(it almost excessive). All the guys I know in frats and on teams are great guys that would never take advantage of a girl.

Since the article, however, it seems the school has done more to crack down on the party scene. From what I hear, they use to not really care and students got a way with a lot. While it is technically a “dry campus” it’s very easy to find alcohol. Campo is strict in first year dorms but seems to leave upper class man alone, as along as they are not black out drunk.

To make things short, HWS throws just as good as parties at big schools but in a smaller scale. Frats and sport houses run the social scene. If you don’t know anyone in that scene you won’t get in. Students study hard during the week and part harder during the weekend.

I’ve had fun so far, if have any questions I will answer honestly.

Thanks for the insight Hamoooo, just one more question (for now) Are frats big among upperclass guys?

Frats are big on campus, especially for a small school. I would say that at least 20%-30% of the Hobart student body are apart of frats. Parties are either thrown at frat houses or sport houses, and a lot of athletes are brothers…