social scene

My son recently toured the UAB campus and liked it very much. The people we met were friendly and laid back. The university offers Nice facilities and it seems like the school is trying to attract more kids to live on campus in lieu of it having a commuter school reputation. However, the students we met said that quite a few students leave on the weekends. Birmingham seems like a fun city and the university seems to offer many clubs and activities, so I don’t understand why students are leaving? This was the only concern we had about the university. Would someone shed some light on this issue? My son is interested in the health sciences and the school has a great reputation for that. I just don’t want him far from home and then not have anything to do on weekends if everyone goes home? Thanks!

I’m sure the OP has moved on, but I’ll reply for anyone wondering in the future.
A big part of the UAB student body is from the Birmingham area. Many students still live at home, and many students are still surrounded by friends they grew up. I would highly suggest that your son get involved as quickly as possible in a fraternity, an intramural sport, an active campus club - anything that will have him working right away with other students. With UAB being an urban campus and with an older average student, there is no “strip” or campus scene like more isolated schools.