Social Scene

<p>Hi! I've been curious about the details of Bryn Mawr's social scene. Honesty is 100% appreciated/encouraged; no sugar coating is necessary. As nerdy as I am, I am a social creature, so here are my primary questions:</p>

<p>1.) What's the general interaction between BMC and Haverford students in classes and parties?</p>

<p>2.) Are parties easy to find on weekends? Are they hard to navigate if you don't know anyone? IE, you go to an off-campus party.</p>

<p>3.) What's dating like considering the schools around/lack of men on campus? Easy? Hard? Competitive?</p>

<p>Thanks as always!</p>

<p>I'm not a current student, I will be attending BMC this fall (YAY!) so I don't know the exact answers. However, I stumbled upon this site a month ago and found it to be helpful.
<a href="http://www.*****.com/bryn_mawr_college/reviews/10318/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.*****.com/bryn_mawr_college/reviews/10318/&lt;/a>
This site has a bunch of reviews from students at BMC, and they talk about the social scene at Bryn Mawr and such. I know there are some reviews that specifically answer your questions as well.
Don't know if it helps, but just something to look at, I guess! (:</p>

<p>gliss; your referral to another website seems like it was blocked. (glad to hear you'll be attending BMC this fall) YAY! Along with my daughter!</p>

<p>The website is called C o l l e g e P r o w l e r. CollegeConfidential censors all references to the site.</p>

<p>^ Or at least that's a website with student comments about Bryn Mawr which is censored by CollegeConfidential. There might be more than one ;)</p>

<p>I actually attended Haverford, but took many of my classes at Bryn Mawr. In class, there isn't a differentiation between BMC/HC students. We are all just classmates. Obviously, if you're male you can tell your from HC, but that would be the only difference. I did notice that in many of my classes the males tended to take over discussions. A couple of them mentioned doing this so that their opinions can also be included since there were no more than 5 males in the classes. (Most of my classes, theater and poli sci, had very few males, but econ, sci, and math had more)</p>

<p>At parties, we have a lot of fun and don't pay too much attention to who is coming from where. You'll see the Swat Van and the Bluebus pull up with people ready to party. I've been to parties on all three campuses and haven't felt uncomfortable.</p>

<p>Parties are pretty easy to find specially since HC has parties in Founders almost every weekend with different themes. You can also find parties at houses such as Drinker at HC and Perry House at BMC. It does help to know some people at the parties regardless of which campus it is taking place at, but if you're with a group of friends you won't feel out of place.</p>

<p>Dating...interesting conversation. You can search through these threads and would find a couple of replies about this topic. It's pretty competitive to find someone since there are few men to pick from. You can see how girls dress on the weekends to try to attract partners. I think many people have hooked up with the same guys, which can make it a bit uncomfortable. I never dated anyone since I just saw the HC guys as friends mainly since I had to share the bathroom with them.</p>

<p>Thanks for the helpful replies! There are also some good ones if you backtrack.
The conclusion seems to be that you have to make somewhat of an extra effort. I'll definitely keep these nuggets of info in mind.</p>