Social Science - Am I screwed

<p>Dammit!!! I have just been told that internationals have to have a social science in order to gain admittance to a good american university! Is this true??? If so I am screwed... as I have 6 months to take a 3 year geography course!!! Help!!!</p>

<p>Anyone??? Also, even if Soc. Science isn't a prerequisite, will it hinder my chances??</p>

<p>Majority of US colleges require 2 to 3 years of social studies; rest at least "recommend" that. Social studies generally include such things as geography, US or world history, US government, economics. For an international, you need to check with each college to see if any such requirement will be waived. As to a college that only "recommends" social studies, I do not know how much of an impact it would have on admission if you did not meet the recommendation.</p>