sociology major pre-req's

<p>i go to smc and if i plan on transferring to a school like UCI as a sociology major, is it important that i finish as many pre-req's for my major prior to application or does that not matter as long u finish most prior to transfer?</p>

<p>they recommend before transfer</p>

<p>so if i plan on starting UCI in the fall of 2010, it doesn't matter how many classes i've completed in fall of 09 when i apply for the school, as long as i tell them i plan on taking them and finish them by spring 2010?</p>

<p>also if i wanna xfer to UCLA, it is different than UCI because there are only 4 pre-req's for sociology but you have to finish all 4 prior to transfer whereas UCI you only have to do as many as possible right? so in that case does it matter how many of the 4 required classes for UCLA i complete by application? or as long as i tell them i plan on finishing all 4 prior to transfer is that ok?</p>

<p>the reason i ask the last question is because i finished 2 out of the 4 already and im not confident in acing the other 2 so i dont wanna hurt my gpa.. i was thinking just taking those classes after i apply like in winter and spring 2010 so getting B's in those classes won't hurt me as much as getting them before i apply which will hurt the gpa they will look at.. </p>

<p>thanks for the help in advance</p>

<p>Completing prereqs as early as possible is usually the best possible route.</p>