<p>Hi guys was looking for a nice client to run 2 different emails my main email which is a hotmail and i will have a college email which will have updates, news and teacher mailings. Any way to have it goto the same inbox?</p>

<p>Can somebody name off some good Clients to try out.</p>

<p>I just use Netscape Mail...if you know the names of the servers and they allow outside access (I don't know Hotmail's policy on that; some web based e-mails are stingy about such things), you can add multiple accounts and as long as Netscape is active, it notifies you automatically of waiting e-mail, which is really nice.</p>

<p>use Outlook Express....UM uses IMAP mail....

<p>Hotmail will be even easier to set up...</p>

<p>I think hotmail will not let you use smtp or anything like that, but it might support forwarding to your school account</p>

<p>Hotmail doesn't use POP3/SMTP, but you can use it on Outlook (Express) via http. It works the same.</p>

<p>use thunderbird if you can. It is much nicer than outlook for imap mail. It may not be able to do hotmail (but hotmail sucks...why would you want to give microsoft exclusive rights to the content you send through it?).</p>

<p>thunderbird works wonders for REAL email.</p>

<p>I'd second Thunderbird. It's made by the same people that make Firefox, a really nice companion.</p>

<p>Outlook works fine for me too, although it does get annoying at times.</p>

<p>And if you can, switch out of Hotmail to something better, like Gmail (which does have POP3 support). If you need an invite, then you're welcome to PM me.</p>