Solo visit v. Destination Tulane

Trying to firm up dates for a visit to Tulane. Just wondering whether the consensus is that a “solo visit” - scheduled through admissions is more useful to a prospective student or is Destination Tulane a better idea? My DD has been admitted. I’m just worried that Destination Tulane in mid-April isn’t going to give her a lot of time to think about her ultimate choice before the May 1 deadline. However, she has touched base with some other admitted students and is trying to coordinate a Destination Tulane date with a possible roommate so they can meet each other.


I think it is pretty even either way. I don’t think a mid-April visit would be too late. Once they see the campus and a little of New Orleans, most students make up their minds about Tulane pretty quickly one way or the other. I think it is safe to say the vast majority are extremely positive after their visit, but there are always a few that decide New Orleans isn’t for them for some reason. I say it that way because of the ones that have told me after a visit that Tulane was off their list, nearly all said it was because they just didn’t like the vibe of the city itself, that it had nothing to do with Tulane. Again, that is a very small minority, most love both the campus and the city. Although I did have one student that dismissed Tulane because of the classic architecture. She only wanted to be on a campus with all modern architecture. So be it.

The nice thing about DT is that you do get the formal tour (and a meal?) and to sit in on a class or two, although you could certainly arrange for the latter during a solo visit. Also with DT you are likely to meet other prospective students and parents, which can be nice. And having already identified a potential roommate and arranging a meeting is certainly a bonus, although again in theory that could be done independent of a DT date. No reason they both couldn’t do “solo” visits at the same time. Still, like I said I think either manner of visiting can help her make up her mind fairly equally.

If you are going to do DT, I’d book a hotel NOW. April is French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest so the hotels will fill up and get pricy! Just for reference FQF is April 9-12 and JF is April 24-26. But the days leading up are usually booked too since people will come to town early.

Ah ha - so that explains the lack of hotels on the 10th…I did find some cute looking VRBOs near campus. May go that route if she decides that this is the date she wants to go. Thanks for the input everyone.

When my DD was accepted we chose to do the “solo” route which we called the “victory lap” just to make sure that Tulane was the right place. She preferred to see the campus with the students that are attending, rather than DT with a bunch of students who were accepted but may not be committed to attending Tulane. We went to a local meeting and it was disheartening to hear the other kids saying they preferred other places, when my DD was 100% sure. We skipped DT and attended orientation.

Good point, DebmomNY. I will mention that to my daughter. When my DS (who goes to Bama) did his visits, he scheduled an all day affair through the Honors College and got to see a lot of things that were specific to his interests. We went back for an event similar to Destination Tulane and thought it was a bit too high level - although still good. I was glad it was his 2nd visit. DD has not yet visited Tulane at all - so I wanted it to be the most useful. I’m sure she’d like to have lunch with a current student and maybe sit in on a class and visit a couple of departments she is interested in. We’ll see what she ends up deciding.

I would caution that either festival is probably not a good time to visit Tulane/NOLA. It will be nearly impossible to get around the city or even get around the French Quarter, get dinner reservations etc.

Some hotels have discounts for families visiting Tulane. It never hurts to ask. When D1 attended Honors Weekend two years ago, we got a good rate at the Roosevelt, even though it wasn’t on Tulane’s “official” list.

Excellent! Thanks for the info. I’ll certainly ask.

they won’t offer discount rates during festival times though. They jack the rates up sky high!