Solution to Laziness/Procrastination?

<p>Recently I find myself to be lazier than ever.</p>

<p>My school is on a semester system with 7 periods everyday. I have last period off which means I go home early. Usually I go to places with my gf and go home at 3 or 4. At home, I basically live in front of my computer. I'm not addicted or anything though, just that there is REALLY nothing better to do at home. I don't play much games, only an hour or so of cs on most days. I don't get on facebook/myspace that much either. Most of the time I just read articles on google reader and chat. I put my homework/study material in front of my keyboard but I never do them until it's very late, or sometimes I procrastinate and decide to do/copy(shhh) them or study in class the next day. Usually I sleep at 12 or 1.</p>

<p>On school days my alarm is set to 5:50. I snooze the alarm every 10 minutes until I realize it's getting too late. At 6:50 I get out of bed, take a shower, wash, get dressed, cram all my school stuff into my backpack, and run outside. By the time I get into my car, I look at the clock and it's already 7:20. School starts at 7:30. I'm late to class at least once a week.</p>

<p>College applications were horrible. I've only written 1 essay and completed 1 app so far this winter break. Right now I have MS word minimized with only my opening sentence written for a 500 word essay. I've made no progress on it since 5PM. I still have another 500 word essay, two 300 word essays, and two 250-500 word essays to write, as well as three more applications to do. I planned to finish all of my applications on Dec 14 according to my task management application. Now I don't know even how am I going to finish all of this before the break ends.</p>

<p>A lot of times I realize how crazy I am and decide to shape up. But then a few days later I would forget all about it and get lazy again. </p>

<p>I was not like this in my freshman and sophomore years. Even though I played more games back then, I knew when to stop, do my homework, and sleep early so I won't fall asleep the next day in class. I didn't need any external motivation to force me to do this stuff either.</p>

<p>Read this essay and feel better.</p>

<p>Letter</a> to a young procrastinator. - By Seth Stevenson - Slate Magazine</p>

<p>I came in here expecting to be half-joking and posting the link to Structured</a> Procrastination ... but I think this is a bit more serious than that.</p>

<p>What can I say? Sometimes you need to fall hard before you finally learn. The big moment came for me when I embarrassed myself in front of my class because I didn't prepare for a speech I had to give. Though perhaps I have been regressing since then... I didn't finish my Princeton and Stanford apps until last night for instance. But still, it's better than leaving them until Jan 1st... But what I'm trying to say here is that perhaps you need a big moment, even though right now isn't a really good time for it because you've got some college essays to write. </p>

<p>Make yourself accountable. Is there someone who can help you get on task? Enlist his/her help. Have said person nag you to get your essays done if necessary. Pay attention to why you procrastinate and what you do when you procrastinate. Stop yourself from being able to do these things somehow. Motivate yourself. I think the thing with procrastination is once you get started, you can keep going... but it's getting started that's the problem. Find that motivation that gets you started.</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>unlike those other guys ^^^
i came in here with an intention to actually help
therefore i suggest reading this book. its really good</p>

<p></a> The Myth of Laziness: Mel Levine: Books</p>

<p>get it from your library.</p>