SOM of Binghamton

<p>Hey guys. I've decided to set my career forth upon an accounting major. However, I've heard that getting into the School of Management in Binghamton is really hard to get into. If not, I'm lucky. Anyways, do you guys think that I actually have a chance to get in?
My GPA: 3.9 or 4.0 (All regular classes)</p>

<p><em>Side Note</em> Next year, I am taking:
-AP Chem (Hardest AP class in my school)
-AP Government and Politics</p>

<p>SAT: Reading: 520
Math: 680
Writing: 620
Extra Curriculars:
-Volunteered in a hospital ( I will probably get about 200-300 hours before i start applying to colleges next year as a senior)
- Attended a Bolivian Mission Trip for 2 years
- Will be a treasurer in the Spanish Club next year
- Was on the Kumdo Team (counts as a sport) for 4 years.
- A member of the National Honor Society and the Foreign Language Honor Society
- Part of the orchestra for 3-4 years.
- I will have really good recommendation letters</p>

- Mathletes (Math team), Spanish Club, Key Club, Red Cross Club, International Culture Club (I performed on stage)</p>

<p>College Essay: I was diagnosed with a rare case of Tourettes Syndrome ever since i was 6 years old (I am now 16), and I am willing to exploit myself to the admissions about how much i suffered and distressed through all years by being isolated from people most of the time. However, I was willing to pick myself together and to work hard, even with this syndrome affecting my daily life. I am currently 95% free from it now.</p>

<p>-Other colleges that I'm willing to apply to:
-CUNY Baruch
-Boston University
-Boston College
-<em>Binghamton University</em>
-NYU Stern

<p>Well, do you guys think that I could make it some of these? Especially, Binghamton?</p>

<p>Well according to ur SAT, you are just above the low end of the middle 50% window. You have a chance at Binghamton, but it will be a stretch with that SAT. Minus Baruch, the rest of the schools on your list are even more difficult to get into than Binghamton IMO. But, your essay seems interesting, so that might win some admissions folk over.</p>

<p>uh, i got into SOM with a overall GPA of <3.0 and my resume included most artistic and writing accomplishments with ~60 hours community service along with a couple of clubs (woohoo for mathletes!!!). My SAT scores are very close to yours too.
I was admitted to SOM directly, but that might be b/c i am out of state. According to many on this forum, it is easier to get into Bing if you are out of state..... so yeah.... i think you're good grade-wise.</p>

<p>it is much easier to get into bing out of state. if you are out of state, you will definitely get in. however, its tough to say if ur in state. ur gpa is obviously very good but binghamton highly values test scores. ur essay seems like it would be really good but im not sure how much bing values them. bing also doesnt care much for extra-curriculars. if u get ur sat up to a 2000 or get a 30 on the act, i would say ur a lock. however, it could go 50-50 without that, especially with ur lack of honors/ap classes.</p>

<p>oh and as a rule of thumb, public schools care more for gpa and test scores while private schools value your essay and extra curriculars more.</p>

<p>I was wondering if you think I have a shot at SOM:
SATs: 710 Math 590 Reading
Senior Courses: AP Calc, AP Econ, English Elective, Physics, Spanish H
E.C.: Regional VP for NJ BBYO (Membership President for all of northern and central NJ), Varsity Tennis (3 years), Mock Trial (Witness and lawyer), Filmed School Movie, Houses to Homes (went to Guatemala), 50+ hours working in school for kids with autism
GPA: (I go to a very competitive private school highly regarded that deflates the GPA. Everything is unweighted. The typical acceptance rate for BING regular is 3.12): 3.4
Essay: Very Good
Recs: Very Good</p>

<p>I am a student in SOM at Binghamton and got in with SAT scores in the 600 range, and a GPA around the average (my highschool had a weird scale of it). I did have a lot of community service (Key Club :)), sports, and other involvement. They look for leadership and people they believe will succeed. I will say, if you do get accepted to BU, to definitely come here! SOM is a great school and there are so many internship opportunities, job fairs, resume critiques, mentors, and help everywhere you look. I've only been here for a few months and have already bought a suit and met alumni from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc. (and I'm not even a special student). </p>

<p>Good luck and hope to see you at BU!</p>

<p>Why easier if you are out-of-state? It should be harder for them. Is it b/c they want to get someone from every state? That is getting really annoying! It's not fair to state kids with better scores, etc.</p>

<p>Its cause out of state people pay twice as much or even more for tuition than in state ppl, so that why its in the university's best interest to get as many out of state students as possible</p>

Hey, my son just got deferred from SOM-applied early action and deferred to regular. Instate. What are his chances?