Some admission questions..for an OOS

<p>1) I have taken both the ACT and SAT. However, I only want to send my ACT scores and my SAT Subject test scores, but not my SAT Scores. Is this allowed? Does score choice only apply to the ACT or SAT or does Berkeley want me to send all of my standardized test scores no matter what.</p>

<p>2)35% OOS Admittance rate...why is this rate so high if OOS admission is competitive?</p>

<p>3) Can I send my test scores BEFORE I submit my application?</p>

<p>4) If I lived in California for 1 year does this factor into my admission at all? I have done my whole high school in Connecticut, however.</p>

<p>5) It says that Berkeley has closed majors, and I see Chem E listed as one of them in the College of Chemistry. What does this mean? Can I still apply to the College of Chemistry wanting to do ChemE?</p>

<p>6) Why the f can't I call Berkeley about these questions? Why email? -.-</p>

<p>1) The UC’s reject score choice and require all scores.</p>

<p>2) Big bucks to attend… Finaid is poor. At $55k, it ain’t a great bargain. But, IMO, the College of Chemistry is worth the OOS fees. (I would not say the same for Letters & Sciences.)</p>

<p>3) Yes.</p>

<p>4) Not unless your parents move instate.</p>

<p>5) Entrance into ChemE is only available to Upper Division students, not Frosh. You would petition into ChemE at the end of your Soph year. (I do not know how difficult it is to petition for the ChemE major. E-mail and ask what the requirements are, i.e., is everyone with a 3.xx gpa accepted?</p>

<p>6) Big Uni. That’s just the way it is.</p>

<p>2) So the application pool is narrowed down to begin with… only those with the money and who think they have a shot of getting in will apply.</p>

<p>5) ChemE is not a closed major. It is only ChemE/NucE and Chem E/MSE that are closed. These are joint majors offered with CoE, and you need to get admitted to ChemE, do well, and then apply for the them later. But you can apply for (and get admitted to) ChemE at freshman level.</p>

<p>6) Contacting the Berkeley admissions office in general is annoying. But if you have questions specific to CoC, try calling the freshman adviser, Maura Daly: [College</a> of Chemistry - University of California at Berkeley - Undergraduate Office Directory](<a href=“]College”>
She might be able to help you with some general admissions stuff as well, just make sure you start the conversation with something CoC-specific. By the way, she works part-time only (Monday mornings, Wednesdays and Fridays), so don’t bother calling outside those times.</p>