Some bad grades, Major hooks, Chances? WILL CHANCE BACK W/ LINK

<p>Helllo. I'm currently a junior. I've gotten 4 C's(83-84) and 1 D(74) as semester grades in high school. All of my final (not final exam-just final overall) grades have been 90+. I've also taken 9 college courses. I have taken the hardest courses too. </p>

<p>**the C's were in:
-Honors Algebra 2 (Freshman year 1st semester-83) I brought that up to a 93 second semester.
-Honors English 1(Sophomore year 1st semester-83) I brought that up to a 98 second semester
-Honors Chemistry(Sophomore year 1st semester-84) I brought that up to a 95 second semester
-Honors Spanish2(Sophomore year 1st semester-84) I brought that up to a 100 second semester</p>

<p>**And my one D was in:
-Honors Pre-Calculs (Sophomore year 1st semester-74) I brought that up to a 98 second semester</p>

<p><strong>The rest of my grades have been A's and B's, mostly A's with a few B's. I have taken every AP and Honors class possible.</strong></p>

<p>*My unweighted GPA is: 3.68 :/
*I don't know what my weighted GPA is.
*And the average of all my grades is 95, even with the 4 C's and the D.
*The average of all the college courses I've taken is: 99 </p>

<p>*SAT: 2250</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
<em>Academic Decathlon (11-will continue next year)
BBBS (11-will continue next year)
*Civil Rights (11-will continue next year)
*Class President (9, 10,11 hopefully will continue next year)
*GSA (11-will continue next year)
*Journalism (10, 11 will continue next year)
*Spanish Club/Latin Club (11-will continue next year)
*Mock trial (9,10,11, will continue next year)
*Speech&Debate (9, 10, 11, will continue)
*</em>[Nationals (9-11)
State champion(9-11 in different events)
Several Awards]
*Student Council (11-12)
*Youth Court (10, 11 will continue next year)
*Unity (9,10,11,will continue next year)
*School Committee Representative (10, 11 will continue next year)
*Intern at a Human Rights Organization(9, 10, 11 will continue next year)
*Leadership award (9, 10,11, will continue next year) </p>

***<strong><em>I'm also a very busy person, I am very involved my school, I am a VERY underrepresented minority. I have also started my own organization and we have hosted many events. I live in an area with a lot of discrimination against new immigrants and my organization was made to build bridges between the newcomers and the native and to break down biases I am the daughter of Somali refugees.
*</em></strong><strong><em>My internship.
*</em></strong><strong><em>My leadership.
Also, I don't know if this counts for sh</em> but, I had an entire article on me in my local newspaper and my involvement in the community and my anti-bullying and harassment campaign at school.</p>


<p>In order of where I wanna go most:</p>

<p>University of California-Berkeley
University of Chicago
Smith College
Boston College

<p>**************Also, a lot of you are gonna say that colleges aren't going to see my semester grades, YES THE ARE. My school sends out both our semester AND final grades in our transcripts. </p>


<p>So you’re saying that you got poor scores 1st semester, but showed improvement the semester after in the same class? Do your grades reset after each semester, or are they continued off the semester before?</p>

<p>-You seem to have a focus on speech and debate. The state champion since 9-11 in different events is very impressive. What state is this? I see you have UC’s written down - and so I’m going to assume (probably incorrectly) California. This and your SAT score mitigate the poor UW GPA. </p>

<p>I’m really really not sure how bad the D looks. I’m going to say it looks really bad. The 4 C’s don’t help either. But if you pull through junior and senior year with a 4.0 UW, and</p>

<p>-There are some clubs I see you’ve joined 11-12, I don’t know how committed you are to those, but if you’re not, I <em>might</em> suggest leaving some out, as it detracts from any passions you might really have. </p>

<p>University of California-Berkeley - Since they focus a /lot/ on GPA/SAT, it’s hard to call because your SAT is good, but UWGPA doesn’t match. If you’re in-state, I’d say low reach.
UPenn - Reach
University of Chicago - Reach
Harvard - Top reach
Yale - Top reach
Columbia - Reach
NYU - Match
Smith College - Match
Dartmouth - Low Reach
Emory - Can’t say, sorry. I don’t know anything about this place.
UCLA - Reach, if instate: low reach.
Tufts - High match
Boston College - High match
Northwestern - Low Reach</p>

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<p>Bump :)</p>

<p>Bump bump bump bump</p>

<p>bumpppppppp omg please. You don’t even have to chance me. Just tell me whether or not those bad grades ruined my chances at all.</p>

<p>Those are sophmore grades, so it is really not a positive effect, however, ivies have a lot of perfect grades…
You race is going to help , as it has a less competitve group.
But, your Test scores are excellent! Try to take some SAT II’s, and work hard senior year…
I think all colleges are low reach/reach, except for NYU and Smith, they are much easier than ivies. </p>

<p>Please chance me,! </p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Emory and northwestern are possibilities. I’ve never applied to an ivy league, but from my friends it seems to be a crap shoot. You have great SATs and a decent gpa and resume. I’ve seen 3.8 wiz kids get turned down for 3.56 people involved heavily in school activities and comm service. Good luck!</p>

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