Some extra info for 20-21

If you haven’t already heard about next year’s plan at Kenyon, go here to read more.

Trying to help my rising Soph decide what to do, I called the Comfort Inn last night. They don’t have alot of details ironed out yet, but they had some valuable tidbits of info. For example, the pool won’t be open. The college has asked that it and the sauna be closed. The kitchen will also be closed, so no morning waffles… very sad face from my soph!!
Linens- the Inn will not be providing linens or pillows, so you will have to bring your own. All rooms are either one king size bed, or two queens. The second queen will remain in the room even though only one resident will be assigned. So that’s a bummer! All rooms have bathrooms as well. There are also small microwaves, fridges, and flat screen tvs.
Driving- it’s about a 10 min drive to the designated lot. All Inn residents will be given a parking spot in South 1. DS says this isn’t a bad lot at all… right behind the Bolton Theater, down the hill from Peirce.

Something to be aware of… if your student ends up in the hotel and plans to rely on the KAT, it doesn’t run 24/7! It doesn’t run past 10pm during the week, has a very limited noon-4pm saturday schedule and doesn’t run at all on sundays.

No freshmen will be at the comfort inn.

Right, upperclassmen only.

Hope you got a room which you like!

Eh, S got pretty screwed. He was hoping for an apartment but got a really bad slot. 2 portions of his friend group got apartments but his portion ended up in 3 separate dorms. He ended up in a pretty nice dorm, but it’s not what he was hoping for. Still, he’s alot closer to Pierce, doesn’t have to go outside his dorm to do laundry, and there are 2 bathrooms serving 7 bedrooms. Not bad at all!