some gym questions

<p>What is the best gym for weight lifting and what times are best to avoid the crowd</p>

<p>Im also in muir so anything close to there?</p>

<p>also, how did you balance college life with lifting, especially your freshmen year, did you have to change your routine aka a 5 day split to a 3 or 4 day split or did you balance your time well</p>

<p>best gym: rimac in erc
closest gym to you: main gym in muir (really small, but they have enough stuff to get in a decent workout)</p>

<p>at rimac, there's this section in the middle called the pit that is often used by athletes and you can only access it when the athletes aren't using it, so you gotta go to the gym and find out the schedule and go when the pit isn't being used. cuz honestly without the pit, the gym is pretty lame. the area outside of the pit is the only things u can use if the pit is being used.</p>

<p>there's 3 flat bench press, 1 incline, 1 decline, and two power racks outside of the pit. there's a bunch of dumbbells and adjustable benches if you want to do db exercises. there's a few machines like the hammer strength, cable machines, cardio, smith machines, etc.</p>

<p>in the pit, i think there's like 4 power racks and bunch of other free weight stuff. if you go during a crowded time while the pit is closed, its hard to get a decent workout in cuz u gotta wait for everything. i remember my normal 1 hour workouts would get extended to an hour and a half.</p>

<p>as for when its the least crowded, basically anytime the pit is open, as there's a lot more free weights for you to use.</p>

<p>i do a 3 day full body routine workout and never really had much of a problem. i had a lot of free time and could basically go to the gym whenever i didn't have classes.</p>

<p>^ By any chance, are you doing Starting Strength?</p>

<p>thanks for the info, I wasnt aware that you couldnt use that pit lifting area when athletes were using it, kinda lame</p>

<p>I did SS for awhile, I recommend it since its easy to work into your schedule since its like 30-45 min workout</p>

<p>@ masterTTP:</p>

<p>nope. i know quite a few people who are doing or have done starting strength and the results they got weren't the results i wanted. </p>

<p>they got huge strength gains and some muscle mass but no endurance at all. but for me personally, i could care less about my strength as i work out for aesthetics, hypertrophy, and endurance. sure if i make strength gains i'll be happy too but aesthetics and endurance comes first, and starting strength isn't really a program geared towards that.</p>

<p>i'm doing a program that uses a lot of the same exercises though. lots of compound exercises with barbells but in a higher rep range (8-12). the rep range for starting strength (5) is more geared towards strength. not my taste.</p>

<p>@ Salams:</p>

<p>yeah it really is lame. its cuz ucsd doesn't have a separate gym for their athletes. if the pit is included, the gym is actually really good, probably as good as the gym i go to at home right now. but if you take out the pit, the gym is pretty crappy and the weight area is probably as small as the weight area at main gym, which is pretty small as well. so if you want to work out but you know that the pit won't be open cuz athletes are gonna be using it, i'd just go to main gym, basically the same thing.</p>

<p>training for hypertrophy too</p>

<p>are the college gyms essentially like other gyms (mostly people curling, cardio and flat bench), if so I think I can handle it as long as the squat rack is free</p>

<p>yeah most people are usually either benching or using the area near the dumbbells (flat benches, adjustable benches, preacher curls, etc.</p>

<p>i've never really had trouble with the squat rack. there's only two outside of the pit and they are not really used that often. but if for some reason they are usually full this year, i guess you'd just have to come when the pit is open cuz there's like 4 racks in there.</p>

<p>The rimac is the closest gym to the village right? Does anyone know if it offers classes like yoga and kickbox cardio?</p>

<p>I looked them up on yelp and I know for a fact they do both, Im not sure if there is a discount or if it is free for students but I do know that classes can be fairly costly</p>

<p>this might sound strange, but which gym is normally more empty than the others?</p>

<p>The emptiest one is the canyon view pool gym. There's literally almost no one there except for the guy working whenever I go.</p>

<p>i was checking the listings on the rec page and yoga and pilates aren't listed. have they been offered in the past? or am i looking in the wrong place?</p>