SOme help or advice please?!

<p>Ok here is the thing. i am an incoming freshman to UCR and i plan on majoring in Bioengineering. Despite the dean telling the COE students that this is ranked as the top public engineering school of its size in the nation and fifth when compared to other private COE of its size or smaller, i wish to transfer out of UCR and hopefully o either UCSD or UCI. I just wanted to see if there was anybody that has done a UC to UC transfer. I know some guy that transfered from UCR to UCLA with a 3.8 but he was majoring in Business. So i would like to hear from you guys all especially any engineer that has done something like this</p>

<p>Did you apply to the other UC's and get rejected?</p>

<p>i applied to all the UC's and Cal Poly SLO and i got accepted to UCR UCSC AND UCM</p>


<p>transferring among engineering schools has to be the toughest intra-UC transfer of all. If your dream is really a different UC, you'd have a better chance if you transferred from a juco.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>