Some ideas to help me share apt.

<p>I'll explain my situation quickly. I'm a commuter. I hate it and want to do something about it.</p>

<p>I've seen a couple of apartments right by campus (not even a block away) with signs saying apartments for rent. In fact in the team I've joined, two guys are sharing an apartment, and they didn't even know each other until summer orientation. I figure I could make it work if that's the case. So obviously I need to make money. I'm currently doing work-study and get paid monthly but it's like $8/hr for 13hr/week. How much would you figure I would need to make in a month if I shared an apartment with two other people or at the very least one other person? (Going to Fordham Uni) I was thinking of a part-time job this way I wouldn't be overwhelmed with a full-time job. Are there any other ways I could make money? Any other alternatives?</p>

<p>In case you suggest loans let me explain the problem with that. I'm basically getting a free ride to Fordham. If I dorm, I get money taken away from my fin-aid (at least $5000 in grant money) and then you have to add $10,000 for dorming and $2,000 for a meal plan. Not taking out that much in loans a year. It's unreasonable to take out almost $17,000/year.</p>

<p>I think tutoring usually pays much much more. What about checking those out? I've seen ads saying it'll pay like 17-20dollars per hour.</p>

<p>I've been checking out apartment ads as well just to check out the rates (and some houses) and most seem to be around 500-700 area.. (i live in a big city so.. i don't know about your rates) but i think alot of 'houses' are cheaper. Like people lending rooms out to people than apartments. (i might be wrong, i'm sorry but) like i've seen ads for rooms for 480 and they had DSL cable power etc all included in the price.</p>

<p>What price range are you looking for exactly?</p>

<p>and 10,000 for a dorm?? Uh no... it's more like 6000 per year.... (for me anyhow) my dorm is 2750 per semester...</p>

<p>well i'm talking about fordham uni located in the Bronx, New york so yea it's a big city. and dorming at fordham is like $10,000. The actual tuition of just attending comes to about $28,000 or so but when you dorm there it skyrockets to like $40,000 and thats because of dorming and meal plans.</p>

<p>What school do you go to? And do you pay the $500-700 for the whole apartment or is that what you pay after splitting it up with other roommates?</p>