Some negative parts of Brown...

<p>Relax, I'm not trying to bash Brown. I am trying to decide between Brown and Stanford and am finding it <em>very</em> difficult! A (happy) Stanford student posted some negative aspects of his/her school that he/she thought seniors should know about to make their decision. I wanted to start a similar thread on this forum since I find that knowing about the less glamourous parts of the schools is as informing as knowing their strengths. Anyone?</p>

<p>my <em>only</em> complaint has been the political atmosphere (thankfully that has died down after the election I think) and general political/philosophical closed-mindedness</p>

<p>political correctness</p>

<p>maybe just some of the people I met, but plenty of kids, especially PLMEs are very very lazy. My host was a PLME, and is taking 4 classes this semester, 3 of which are art classes, another PLME girl is taking all classes pass/fail, actually, as I write this, it seems like this only applies to PLMEs, its like they have a 4 yr case of senioritis. In fact, here is a quote from one of my friends who is a PLME.</p>

<p>There are too many kids [at Brown] who want to do work. [The Admissions office] really needs to stop letting in all these kids who do work. I want more kids on campus who aren't gonna do any work.</p>

<p>It's probly true that at any university there will be kids like this, but I just found it very disheartening to hear our future doctors talk and act like this.</p>

<p>Hey, the PLMEs' have 8+ years of HELL ahead of them after getting their Bachelors. I don't excuse them, but can hardly blame them.</p>

<p>It makes sense that the PLME kids would do less work and would be more likely to take classes pass/fail because they don't have to worry about getting into medical school. I'm so jealous.</p>

<p>it's not as highly ranked and it's not as prestigious as Stanford, if you care about that.</p>

<p>and PLMEs have 4 years of med school after getting their bachelors, not 8.</p>

<p>Isn't it 8 years counting the grueling undergrad experience? Kidding. I suppose it could be 8 years though, if one counted residency.</p>

<p>"it's not as highly ranked and it's not as prestigious as Stanford, if you care about that."</p>

<p>I suppose I care, in a roundabout way. I'd care about ranking if it was evidence of the academic/research/monetary/etc opportunities available, but it seems to me both schools are equal--unless someone can offer their dissenting opinion. I care about prestigiousness only as it relates to being able to pay those pesky bills after graduation--if both schools offer equally good career opportunities/alumni networks along with their diplomas, then they're even.</p>

<p>Thanks for the 411 everyone. Anyone else?</p>

<p>I wanna: </p>

<p>yes and then they have indentured servitude as residents. it's even worse than med school. Low pay, 20 hour days, no vacation, lots of emergency room duty.</p>

<p>well, people say that Brown pays more attention to undergrads, and schools like Stanford are famous for their graduate schools and nobel laurete professors that do research there but don't actually teach most of the time. Obviously, I can't attest to this because I haven't actually attended either school. </p>

<p>If you're thinking of concentrating in the sciences, you'll probably find more research opportunities at Stanford.</p>

<p>what kind of science?</p>

<p>As a student (PLME), I can say that the above post is absolutely true. 99% of students here wouldn't be anywhere else, because of the connections you make with professors and the fact that you'll never have requirements. I CANNOT underestimate how great the New Curriculum'll love it very, very soon.</p>

<p>Brown undergrads this year became Marshall Scholars, Truman Scholars; I know of two people who were accepted into Harvard Law and one into Harvard Business, plus medical schools such as Stanford, Duke, and Dartmouth.</p>

<p>That's honestly better than Harvard can say. The undergraduate education here is nearly unbeatable.</p>

<p>I'm not crazy about the food. I just got back from ADOCH and had the full cafeteria experience; it's not in the same league as my mom's cooking.
Then again, what can you expect from a cafeteria? It's all you can eat and there's Thayer street right there.
I met a girl who was making the same decision you are, and I think she's leaning towards Stanford because she's from California and intimidated by the East Coast winters. That's another thing to take into consideration.</p>

<p>go to stanford and ill beat you up</p>

<p>I met sooo many people that were trying to decide between Stanford and Brown. Go with the school that you like best. :)</p>

<p>Ya I met a kid with the same Stanford/Brown decision. Probably has to do with the huge amount of Cali admits.</p>

<p>I agree, the food wasn't that great. But as long as there's cereal, salads, and sandwiches, I'm good.</p>

<p>...And you could always lose weight. Never a bad thing. lol.</p>

<p>And you don't have to eat every meal on campus, and Providence is known for having good dining (supposedly... I haven't really tested that).</p>

<p>I've stayed on three or four different campuses and Brown's food was no better or worse than most... very much on par.</p>

<p>Aside from Bowdoin, Brown's food was no worse than the food at any other college I visited.</p>