Some please chance my OOS Texas A&M!

I am an out of state junior looking to go to Texas A&M College Station. My stats:
3.9 gpa (weighted)
29 ACT
Top 10% of class
Im I’m beta club, national honor society, was in national jr honor society, young republicans club, band for 4 years, basketball for 2 years, and lots of volunteer work on record to submit.
Someone please rate my chances since I do not qualify for automatic.

Any chance you could retake the act and try to get that last point or take the Sat to try to get the needed score there? Unfortunately the majority of spots get taken by auto admits. You are very close so if you write really good essays and have good LOR you probably have a decent chance to get in. But I would really try to get that last point on the ACT.

I would do some serious test prep and take the SAT and ACT again and try and make the academic threshold. My daughter was 28 (M29, E27) - but ranked at 40 percentile (3.8 weighted) - and she got a PSA. And there were plenty of other students on this message board with scores/rank better than hers who did not get full admit. There may have even been one that had the composite score for academic- but not the sub scores. In years past - running the DARS stats and unscientific stats off this reports on this board - my daughter’s chances would have been in the 65-74% range.

The final numbers are not out yet - but there is every indication that TAMU has made the decision to no longer grow the size of their freshman class. Going into this round of decisions - it was publicly reported that the class of 2023 would be slightly smaller than the class of 2022. So there were more applicants and fewer spots.

If I were chancing you - I would say slightly better than 50-percent.

@nasa2024 agree with both above-bump up ACT (and hopefully you’ve taken SAT?). Out-of-State puts you at a disadvantage, especially if not auto-admit. Soooo many on this thread had scores similar (or higher) to yours this year…and only got offered PSA.
You’re sooo close…study Khan Academy, use ACT/SAT flash cards and finish the year strong!

This is the article about the planned reduction of freshman class size.

And admissions was reporting nearly 10,000 more applicants than the previous year.

@nasa2024 What major are you applying for? By your user name, I assume engineering. If your intended major is Engineering, as a review admit, be prepared to wait for an admission decision until the end of January or sometime in February, even if you apply the the Engineering Early Decision Deadline of October 15. The website does not state so, but as has been the case since its inception, that has been the case for review admits.

If you are not offered full admission for College Station, your options will be admission to Galveston, where you will complete the freshman year of General Engineering before transitioning to College Station after Entry to A Major, and completing your degree at College Station.

2 other options that are engineering decisions, are the Engineering Academy at Blinn/Bryan and the Engin
eering Academy at McAllen. You need to be prepared before being offered these decisions to whether you would take them. The seats are limited and they make more offers than there are seats. They are first come, first serve and once the seats are filled, the offer is no longer valid, even if it is before the National Decision day of May 1.

If your intended major is Mays business school, as a review applicant, your chances of admission into Mays is zero, unless you attend a Century Scholar School or are one of the targeted under represented districts. Those students are typically accepted early, around the first of October, then Mays fills to capacity by sometime in Nov with auto/academic admits who accepted their admission decisions.

Apply as early as possible and submit the scores you have. Practice and get that ACT score up to a 30 with sub scores in math and English a minimum of 27, and send in your new scores. Scores must be received by the documents deadline, which is usually a week after the application deadline of December 1. Make sure to check the Applicant Information System (AIS) regularly, to make sure that everything is received and checked off. Every year, there are applicants whose transcripts were not received, though they were sent or College Board not getting scores sent in time of the deadline. It can take weeks for them to be sent from the request date. It isn’t instant.

Stats and grades are good. You have a good shot, but the real question is, why pay almost triple the tuition to go out of state? There’s really no level of prestige A&M could offer that your state flagship doesn’t already give.

Will your parents pay full OOS rates? That is your first question to ask them before bothering to apply.
Otherwise a junior with your score should be able to improve IMO. Prep for another go ASAP and assuming it still exists, get into the academic admit range. Watch deadliness and apply early.

Just curious—why would you say that OOS puts the potential student at a disadvantage?

@wizardofoz1992 OOS isn’t necessarily at a disadvantage BUT Texas students are considered more favorably than OOS. TAMU does hold spots for OOS but the majority will go to Texas kiddos. AND top 10% aren’t considered automatic for OOS. Luckily there’s still the academic admit for this next go round, but after that… not sure how that will impact OOS admissions.

The latest published report is from fall 2016. The number accepted for Fall 2016, students admitted to A&M (excluding the instate Top 10%) who were in the top quarter of their graduating class, whether Academic Admit Applicant or Holistic Review Applicant, is as follows:

Texas Resident 6,425
Other US State 1,465
Other Country (International) 611
This report may or may not copy and paste

According to the Data and Student reports from A&M, only 394 out of state enrolled full time for fall 2016. There is no merit awards for most out of state students and the tuition waivers are awarded to top incoming students.

For fall 2018, there were 466 out of state full time enrolled incoming freshmen.

Your best chance for being accepted from out of state is being an academic admit. Out of top quarter and your chances are less than 2%. As a review applicant, you need to be as competitive as the instate review applicant.

What are your stats?

Are you planning on playing in the band at A&M? If so, you can do Spend the Night with the Corps or Spend the Day with the Corps. Showing interest definitely helps!