Some positives and negatives?

<p>With Alabama’s full tuition scholarship offer, it has become one of my top choices. Do any current or past students have anything to share about the university? Regarding what they like and don’t like? Some things I should know before applying/attending? Any help would be greatly appreciated…</p>

<p>Our experience has been that the negatives seem no different than things that could (and do) happen at every other school in the country. The positives of getting a solid education with no debt and early Honors registration can't be overstated.</p>

<p>The money was the reason I started looking at Bama too, but I've heard honestly nothing bad about UA. Join the facebook group for the class of 2016 if you want to get in touch with other future students and some current students.</p>

Are you a current high school junior or senior?
If you are a senior, have you applied or been accepted? If not.... deadlines for scholarships are fast approaching. The deadline is December 1st.
However you need to be accepted to the university first before applying for scholarships.</p>

<p>See the following link:
Undergraduate</a> Admissions - The University of Alabama</p>

<p>Once you are accepted you need to apply for scholarships:
Entering</a> Freshman Students - Undergraduate Scholarships - The University of Alabama</p>

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<p>Don't wait to be accepted to apply for scholarships. You can do it as soon as you receive an e-mail with your CWID number, which should be shortly after you apply. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the December 1 deadline. You do need to be accepted to apply to the honors college, but there's no looming deadline for that.</p>

<p>^^^^^CORRECTION: Yes, I meant that to apply for scholarships, you needed your e-mail with CWID info to log into Mybama.</p>

<p>DO NOT WAIT to apply for scholarships, apply as soon as you have your CWID.</p>

<p>Sorry, tried to edit post but it was too late.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot. Got most of my application done, will finish up soon. Kind of want to wait for SAT scores for this month though, which are out in a few days...</p>

<p>^^^^Don't Wait. The application is very quick and easy. You need to get application in and paid for, get your e-mail, and then apply immediately for scholarships. DO NOT wait on your SAT scores.</p>

<p>The deadlines are right around the corner.</p>

<p>Hm alright.</p>

<p>Finish it now okay :)</p>

<p>For me personally, my biggest positives are scholarships, how big Greek life is, the beautiful campus, and amazing dorms. I don't really have negatives that apply specifically to the University -- the only ones for me are the racism and how conservative and religious everyone is, but I'm sure these things apply almost everywhere in the south.</p>

<p>ΔΔΔ Everyone, almost everywhere in the south is "conservative and religious?" And you're sure of this? Come on. </p>

<p>The last time I checked, Atlanta, for example, was in the south. It is more than 50% AA, has the 3rd largest LGBT population in the country (behind San Francisco and Seattle), and last elected a Republican mayor in the 19th century, if memory serves me right.</p>

<p>As for racism, I've found it in abundant quantities everywhere I've lived, which includes so-called tolerant bastions in southern and northern California, the Midwest, and Hawaii. The south hardly has a monopoly on this.</p>

<p>Tell it like it is, Malanai!</p>

<p>regina... have lived here for 27 years...its a different culture with some older the rural areas you will find more conservatives..but the larger cities have at least some influx of people from other areas so perhaps more "liberal". Certainly religion plays an important role in southern life (again more pronounced in rural areas) but the church is also their social outlets... yes there are some staunch baptists, church of christ etc...but overall i find people tolerant (if not necessarily educated in other religions). Often times, the "politeness" of southerners is misintrepreted...i didnt realize to what degree until there was a recent thread on the use of sir and ma'am...posters from the south found it a sign of respect and manners...people from other areas found it rude, condescending and a sign of feeling superior... </p>

<p>i wont get into racism except to say it exists malani says.</p>

<p>Interesting. If I am to attend a public university such as UA, I would like it to be at least a little on the conservative side, so this sounds pretty good...</p>