Some Questions about Applying to U of Mich.

I’ve just started this application process, and I have some questions about the process.

Since they prefer online application, I registered and began to apply online.

*Can I send my recommendations from my teacher and counselor by mail even if I apply online?

*Is it better to apply online or just send the application by mail?

*Why don’t they accept rush scores? I just finished “Send the scores” at, and it says it’s going to take like 3-5 weeks.

<p>You will have your recs from teachers and counselor sent by mail -- that is the normal process when you apply on-line for Mich. In fact, what you should do is have your counselor gather those additional things and mail them at one time along with your transcript.</p>

<p>Mich prefers on-line app although there is no penalty for mailing it.</p>

<p>Many colleges, particularly large state schools that receive huge numbers of scores, refuse to take rush scores. They take all scores at one time electronically from the College Board at a designated date after a test is given. It is an administrative convenience thing.</p>

<p>Per U of M's admissions office, teacher recs can be sent either: (1) directly to U of M by the teacher; (2) by the counselor, along with the counselor's letter and the student's transcript; or (3) by the student (teacher gives a sealed envelope to the student who, in turn, mails it). All 3 methods are equally acceptable. Good luck!</p>

<p>I believe the University of Michigan offers the online teacher and counselor rec. That's how both counselor and teacher did it for me. But if your teacher isn't that tech-saavy, or you're just plain nervous about what they wrote, just give them the paper.</p>

<p>Thx. That helps a lot. :p</p>

<p>Now I gotta give those forms to them.</p>

<p>Oh, one more quick Q.</p>

<p>When I give envelopes to my teacher and counselor, do I write delivery address to Undergrat office of Michigan.... and return address to my house and name? And.. do I also have to write on the envelopes that those are "Teacher's Recommendation" and "Counselor's Recommendation?"</p>