Some questions about my application?

<p>Hi, I am an international student and I already applied to the U (CBS). I already sent in my app (I use the Golden Gopher one), my ACT (31), my TOEFL (109), paid the app fee. My counselor already sent my transcripts in (GPA: 4.11). What other things am I missing? How abt some letters of recommendation? I know that the U does not require it, and even if I send some they won't probably look at them anyway. But in yr opinions, should I still send some to them? Some ppl say that I should send one if I am not sure about my chance of getting in. So in your opinions, with my scores like above, is it likely that I will be accepted without sending a letter of recommendation? If I do want to send a LoR, how can my teachers send them to the U (email...)?
Did anyone here actually send some letters of recommendation to the U? Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>The average ACT is 30.6, so you're slightly above that! Your GPA is also excellent, hopefully your unweighted GPA is also great. </p>

<p>My counselor sent in two letters of recommendation with my transcript. Have your teachers already written letters for you? If they have, you can ask your counselor to send them in, but if they haven't been written yet it won't be worth it. By the time they would have time to write a quality letter and send it off, you might have a decision already.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>