Some questions

Well, to be fair, Putney is probably top 10 among progressive boarding schools.

But if you’re interested in progressive schools, Exeter usually isn’t on your list. I know things have changed a lot since Knowles wrote “A Separate Peace”, but it still isn’t a school for “Preppies Gone Wayward.”

P.S. All this is hypothetical. You’re unlikely to get into both. Or either.


There was something that has been bothering me about this question, and your expressed interest in hip-hop.

Given the information from your previous Chance Me thread, I am concerned.

If your question was about general cursing, then that largely depends on the school. Some schools are more laid back than others on this issue.

If your question was about cursing that emulates some of the lyrics in the music you are listening to, some might perceive this as “cultural appropriation”. “Cultural appropriation” is considered “not cool” in some circles.

And if any of the “cursing” includes words that are racial slurs, that is not acceptable anywhere.

Alright. First off, I don’t see how the Chance Me thread has anything to do with this post. When in the world have I given off the impression that I wish to be a cultural appropriator or use racial slurs? I simply asked if cursing was appropriate in front of the kids as I have never been in a private school sort of environment before, and was actually concerned. As for your comment about hip hop, I don’t see how my interest in dance has anything to do with that either. Anyone can express an interest in dance. Your statement literally does not make sense.

it seems you are in the position i was in 8 months ago. you are coming off a tad agressive. how do i say this in the nicest way: people are going to tell you to soften your attitude.

just my thought.


Some might say cursing is never “appropriate.” Will kids call you out for it? Probably not.

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