Some questions

ill be taking the time to ask some questions that may or may not be considered a bit stupid, but here we go

should I just automatically assume that ill be able to curse in front of other fellow students?

im applying to exeter and putney. I know that exeter has a small sort of town, but im not too sure about putney. during my time there, how do I order clothes / other stuff I might need? will I need to order online, and will these types of subjects be covered during orientation if there even is one?

additionally, if there are private lessons in towns such as exeter (doubting it, though), will I be allowed to attend? i know that a bunch of boarding schools dont exactly offer hip hop dance, and that’s something that I want to try out.

Um, probably. Most kids don’t get offended by that. I wouldn’t expect the kids you meet at BS to be much different socially from kids you are currently in school with.

For clothes and other things you might want, you can always order online and get it sent to the school. This isn’t really something you need to worry about. Any school you apply to will be used to figuring that stuff out and likely already have policies in place. They’ve been housing students for a while, so I’m sure all schools have a way for you to get things shipped.

I’m not sure. If hip hop is an important activity for you, I suggest researching more schools than just Exeter and Putney and figuring out who offers the programs you’re looking for.

None of these questions are things you really need to be worrying about until much later in the application process, probably after M10.

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I agree with reknihtrevo on the answers to your questions, but I wanted to point out that Exeter and Putney are schools that seem to be on opposite ends of the boarding school spectrum. Exeter is really large, traditional + rigorous academically, and has a very intense college-like campus and energy. Putney is 1/4 of Exeter’s student body (250-ish), is very progressive and more laid-back academically, and has a smaller, more modern campus. It’s also very artsy and outdoorsy.

If I were you, I would reconsider only applying to these two schools and think about which of the two would be a better fit (since I’m not sure you could be a good fit for both), then look for similar schools to apply to. Good luck next year!!


first off, thanks for answering the question.

second, i think i can put myself into both the “artsy” and the academically competitive groups. plainly put, i’m around 2.5 years ahead of my current grade in terms of mathematics and also more or less one of the best (if not the best) artist in my school. i’m alright with both a tight-knit community and a larger one, so that won’t really affect anything.

i can agree with the majority of your statement, however, and i do sort of believe that exeter would cater to my needs more as they have a pretty nice arts program and a competitive environment would suit me more than a laid-back one.

in response to your final statement, ill make sure to go and research more gladchemms schools. again, thanks!

alright, thanks!

You need to be able to control your language at all times, including when around students. Because there are plenty of times when swearing around students (only) will be fine, but more often on campus it is not.

Campus deliveries are routine. This is not something to worry about.

Hip hop and most forms of dance are widely available at bs. Make sure you spent time with course catalogs to understand what is available.

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ive actually looked at the course catalog of various schools, and putney and exeter seem to literally be the only prestigious boarding schools with hip hop. im also pretty sure middlesex doesn’t even have dance. but otherwise, thanks for answering my question

As long as you’re not around adults/faculty I’m sure you can curse. At the end of the day, some of these students will be your friends it’s not like they’ll reprimand you for doing it once in a while. You just have to watch your audience and what you say around certain people.

alright, thanks!

Please clarify: what is your experience in hip hop dance? (Your phrasing implies that you have not taken hip hop dance.)

Then you either haven’t looked very hard, or you have a very narrow definition of “prestigious”.

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I’ve never taken hip hop, but I have taken ballet for around 2-3 years.

yes, I have a very narrow definition of the word “prestigious”. my mother will not allow me to attend any boarding schools unless they’re within the top 3 of any website, so you can imagine my choices are very limited.

I’m sorry I might be ignorant or something but which site exactly does Putney come in the top 3 boarding schools?

And what do you mean by top 3? Like top 3 bs for hip hop, art programs, in the states? It’s a subjective topic honestly. That’s why boarding schools don’t really have ‘a rank’. However, there are schools that are more renowned and coveted for various reasons.


You should at least take some summer classes in hip hop.

The idea of using hip hop as a litmus test for where to apply seems… odd, given your lack of a serious background in dance.

You and your mother need to do some serious research.

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This is ignorant. I could make a website and say any BS is the top school. In addition, I think NMH is a good choice. Great balance of arts and academics, and a beautiful dance studio.

im planning on taking summer classes in hip hop, and classes in that area of dance is just a benefit, not a necessity.

I can fully understand that boarding schools cannot exactly have a “rank”, however, I’ve already spoken with my mom on this topic, which didn’t have an impact on her thoughts.

northfield mt hermon? i’ll make sure to do some research on that.

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if you search up “top boarding schools” or something similar to that, putney will come up as no. 3 on a site. I can’t exactly remember which one it was, but it should be easy to find

Not to jump in and start any arguments but the only site listing Putney in the top 3 also lists schools such as Lawrenceville as 43, Hotchkiss as 31, and Choate as 12 just to name a few. Given reputations and other “ranking” sites I think that website isn’t ranking them 1-50 its more just a list of the 50 best. I truly urge you to consider what your mother wants “prestige” in whether it’s arts, academics, etc and find other sites who truly “rank” (not list, although you can’t really rank) and compare them to come up with your own list of prestige. You’'ll find certain other schools continually appearing in the top 3 of other websites. If possible apply to multiple (way more than 2) “prestigious” boarding schools because March 10 is a crapshoot and there is a million qualified applicants.


alright, thanks

I know the list you are talking about (I came across it recently while researching something else) and it is not accurate by any measure. You need to do a lot more research.

I think that list is actually the worst top ten list I have ever read. It is a random jumble of boarding schools that someone threw together.