Some Random Questions

<p>1) For housing, am in any hurry to commit to UCSD and sign up for housing? I want some kind of suite-style dorm if possible, but I'm still waiting for decisions from a couple other schools.
2) What is the difference between Bioengineering and Pre-Bioengineering, because I got accepted into the latter.
3) How hot is it down in San Diego? I live in Silicon Valley, and during summer it's way too hot up here in my opinion.</p>

<p>I think I had others, but I forgot them. Thank you for the help!</p>

<li>The housing application is not a contract, once you make a deposit you're committed to going here.</li>
<li>I'm not sure </li>
<li>It never gets too hot here</li>

<p>as someone who comes from san francisco, I'm going to admit that it can get pretty cold down here. sd does have its share of warm days (by "warm" i mean 70F<T<80F), but i haven't experienced any temperature here above 80, yet.</p>

<p>some summer days will hit the high 80s, but there are plenty of air-conditioned buildings to go hide in (even if it's just with your laptop and a DVD) and ... the BEACH! :D</p>