Some RD decisions already announced?!

Did anyone else already hear regular decision from Wooster? My daughter received an update on her portal last night. Accepted, with a Dean’s Scholarship!! We were pleasantly surprised to already hear. If you or your kids haven’t checked yet, you may want to check your portal.

My nephew received his acceptance last Tuesday on his portal. He received the official acceptance package in the mail the next day. Congrats in advance to all accepted students!

Yes, my student was a RD applicant and learned he was admitted with a phone call that was soon followed by the print letter and information on the Dean’s Scholarship too. We’re excited to visit in April.

My daughter got in too with Deans Scholarship! We live in Ca, she wants to pursue computer science and business. Is Wooster good school for computer science?

Still waiting for a decision here. I know they said everyone should here back by April 1st, but since that’s a Sunday, should I just expect to here back on Monday? I haven’t heard of any schools giving decisions out on weekends.

April 3rd and I still haven’t heard anything. I wish this forum was more active, I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t heard back yet.

If you haven’t seen anything on your student portal or received an acceptance package in the mail, you should probably call the admissions office.

@Tomfc1 yeah I’m going to today. Still nothing. I’m assuming this means I didn’t get in, but it would be nice to know. I didn’t want to be too pushy and call them again when I just called them last week but oh well.

Be pushy now since it’s a number of days after their published notification date. Maybe there’s a problem with your application that needs attention.

@1518mom I called and they were confused as to why I hadn’t heard anything so they said they’d look into it and email me by the end of the day.

update: they never emailed me. I’m gonna wait and see what happens tomorrow as it’s 9:30 pm here so I can’t really call. fingers crossed…

I’m mostly updating here for next year’s applicants since I know the first thing I do when I have issues is look through last year’s threads for guidance. And it’s nice to get some feedback! Although I’m not feeling too positive about my decision, I would like to know for sure.

They emailed me this morning and told me there was a glitch in the system and I should hear back soon. ‘Soon’ still feels very vague but hopefully I’ll hear something by the end of the day.

@likeclockwork48 , did you ever hear back?

@cjpski Yes on Friday, I meant to post. I got waitlisted.