some tips please???

<p>hi i am a student from Long Island NY .. my schools good apparently even thuogh id ont believe it .(like got 33th in nation public highschool ) i dont know how they got it or even it is from a reliable source anyway.. I am trying to put all the college apps together and i ahve some ideas but not really so please help</p>

<p>I came here 5 years ago from Korea</p>

<p>My GPA = 3.4 unweighted 3.2 freshmen year 3.2 soph and 3.85 in Junior year... so definitely improved over the years... 8.9 percentile belive or not</p>

<p>SAT = 1340 Verbal 540 Math 800 (yeayea i know big gap isnt good for me but what can i say)</p>

<p>SAT II = Math Ic 730 , taking writing (expecting 600+), Math IIc expecting 700+ and Korean (99% 800 but nto going to do anything for me) </p>

<p>Extra Curr.
Varsity Club
Tri-M Music society
Fencing (Captain)
All-State Violinist
and some more....</p>

<p>I am applyign Cornell Hotel administration early and Indiana Michigan, Binghamton (EA) and I am thinking of more colleges to Apply if i dont get into cornell which i think would happen... so give me some tips please</p>

<p>thank you, If you need to know more info. IM me at Mkrulezdaworld</p>