Some urgent questions on SAT I and II, please click me D:

<p>Hello, I just have some few quick questions. Are the SAT I scores more important than SAT II scores? I felt that SAT I scores were more weighted when applying to colleges and that SAT II scores are just extra. Another question was, I was always curious whether the subjects you take for the SAT II are important to the colleges or just the scores. I can take korean with listening, since I'm korean, and I'm pretty sure I can get a very good score if not 800. Would they think less of me for taking korean with listening and getting a 800 as a korean? Would they have preferred if I took Literature and get a 500? Some insights would be very appreciated, thank you!</p>

<p>depends on the school, some schools require them, some don't. subjects don't matter, do whatever you will score highest in although some schools (like Carnegie Mellon) require certain subjects like Chem/Physics/Math 2. </p>

<p>take whatever tests you will get the highest score in! :)</p>

<p>I know I have barely any posts, so I don't look that credible. Haha, but SAT I's are definitely more important. SAT II's are important when you're applying to top-50 schools for sure. But without a solid SAT I score, your chances of admission decrease alot, even if you have stellar SAT II scores. You have to consider the caliber of schools your applying to. If your possible schools include Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, etc., then both need to be really high. But if you're applying to in-state public universities, I wouldn't worry about it too much.</p>

<p>If you're Korean, an 800 won't be as impressive. But it certainly will be to a certain extent. It adds diversity to your application and proves that you really are a fluent speaker in the language. It wouldn't be as impressive as a White, Hispanic, or African American scoring that, but it's still noteworthy, regrdless.</p>

<p>I'm really hoping to get into UCLA and they require two subject tests and if I'm going to do Math, I'll have to do Math 2. So I got 1640 without studying really, tried a few times but never put effort in it. I'm hoping to study a lot starting tomorrow, over the summer on SAT I, but studying for SAT II for Math 2 and physics is a bit too much in addition to studying for the SAT I. So if I could just focus on one subject and take korean with listening later, it would help.</p>

<p>So I'm going to try to clarify things xD SAT I scores are more important than SAT II scores for admission. The subjects do not matter, the scores do. Am I on the right track?</p>

<p>Yes, that seems about right! but im confused how do you get a 1640 on a subject test? was that your SAT score?</p>

<p>Sorry. 1640 was my SAT I score QQ</p>

<p>Haha yeah it's about right. If you want to go to UCLA, state residency matters alot. If you don't live in California, it'll most likely be alot harder to get admitted because there's so many out-of-state people applying for a limited number of spots (UCLA is the most applied-to college in the nation)</p>

<p>I've been searching on google whether taking korean with listening is a good idea. I read that 800 was 75th percentile and that colleges discourage people to take their native language test, but would they admit a 500 lit 800 math 2 student or a 800 korean and 800 math 2 student? I can't see why getting a 800 for korean with listening would actually hurt me getting into UCLA. :O</p>

<p>Good thing I live in california! :D</p>

<p>I really dont think it'll hurt for 800 in Korean. I mean, its an 800! That number alone will always look good haha.
If you're really worried, you could always not put your ethnicity. I know that seems morally wrong because your heritage contributed greatly to that score... but its always an option. Also, I'd aim for at least a 2000 on the SAT, or if you're in-state, at least a 1900</p>

<p>Totally, I'm going to study really hard over the summer and push to get 2000+ SAT score but then again, I heard collegeboard might void my scores if I improve more than 500. I might just take physics, math, and add korean with listening and hide my ethnicity, idk haha.</p>