Someone help please!!

<p>My name is Tony, I'm 24 and I recently was accepted to Keiser University, College of Golf.
I was gifted at a young age in the game of golf, but when I was 18, I allowed drugs to destroy my life and throw any chance of playing Golf at a Division I school down the drain.</p>

<pre><code>To make a long, but interesting story short, I have after 5 years of total destruction, cleaned up my act 100% and decided to attend this school. Start date of 8/28/12. So I did my FASFA and all my forms for school, and things were layed out to my by my admissions officer that I should not have a worries in the world and to prepare for the move. So my boss caught wind of me leaving for school, and was upset so I got done at my job, I Gave my notice at my apartment etc etc, And then....

<p>Last Thursday my Financial aid adviser from the college, calls me and tells me everything is all set other then we have a 5200 balance after my pell grants and all that good stuff and said you should get a Private loan for the 5200 and your expenses for the move and maybe your first couple months rent so I can get settled in.</p>

<p>I Filed as a Independent, and I Cannot find a cosigner which makes it impossible to get a private loan... I have put everything into this change in my life, Its my dream.. What I am asking you guys is it over??? What are my options??? I am suppose to leave this sat, and if something isn't figured out soon I will be without a home,job. All because I wanted to go to school, I mean I must not be the only person in the world who cant get a cosigner for a private loan????</p>

<p>I can't sleep at night, its killing me, can someone please reach out here and offer me advise, I don't have good credit, its only 12-15k I mean Is there anything I can do??? Maybe the school can offer it to me?? I'm getting sick over this please help, God bless</p>

<p>Tonygliddeninc@********** If you want to really explain would be great ty</p>

<p>Thanks everyone, hope to hear for you guys in the morning!!:)</p>

<p>Are you first-year student?</p>

<p>First-year independent student could borrow $3,500 Subsidized Direct Loan $6,000 Unsubsidized Loans. Total of $9,500 Direct Loans.</p>

<p>Are you hitting that limit?</p>

<p>I’m having some trouble understanding your situation. First, if school started 8/28, why aren’t you there yet? Second, typically you would see your complete financial aid package in writing before you decide to attend a college. So is the school reneging on the package it offered in writing, or did you never have a written offer of financial aid in the first place–and just depended on what, a wish and a prayer? Lastly, where does the “$12-15k” figure come from? In any event, it looks like you will have to revise your plans, as you can’t afford this school. I think you should also research whether a costly degree in Golf studies is necessary for whatever career you have planned–if your interest is in managing a golf course or golf school, your own experience in the sport combined with inexpensive business classes at your community college may provide all the preparation you need.</p>

<p>Just poking around online I see that Keiser was a for-profit school until last year and has a reputation for charging exorbitantly for degrees that don’t prepare students adequately to get jobs in their fields. Perhaps this turn of events is a blessing in disguise. If you explain your career goals, someone here may be able to offer you advice on how to achieve them at a reasonable cost.</p>

<p>As MommaJ just noted, Keiser is a for profit university.</p>

<p>The “tuition” for the school includes green fees, golf cart fees and driving range privileges (among others). The approx. $18k/year expense does not include books or room/board. The $5,200 you were told you need to borrow covers the balance due for tuition for the first semester only. You’ll have to borrow that amount again in a few months to get through the second semester. And then you’ll need another $10,400 in private loans next year. Total debt at the end of the two year program = $40,000!!! And that does not include two years of books, room/board. Including these expenses, your total cost for the two-year program could be closer to $80,000!</p>

<p>Let me explain “for profit”: “For profit” means that the school makes money as soon as you sign up. All the federal loans you get go straight to the school. Even if you drop out half way through the first semester, the school gets to keep all that money. They don’t care if you graduate . . . they’re just in it for the money!</p>

<p>Pcyb88 - you cannot afford this! Withdraw now and see if you can cancel the loans. You can get another job . . . . but if you get that much into debt, you may never get your life back!</p>

<p>And be aggressive about making sure the loans are cancelled. Follow up with the lender and make sure it happens. Don’t just assume that Keiser will have your back. They won’t - they want the money. So it’s up to YOU to make sure those loans are cancelled!</p>

<p>OP- Really?</p>

<p>After my help I owed 5250 for a 8 month period, the course is 16 months… Wow that wasn’t what I wanted to read but thank you, I’m looking to become a golf pro, Teaching pro, if not on tour. I haven’t been able to get my private loans without a cosigner, which would cover my expenses and first 2-3 months rent before I start working… I dunno what to do really, I really messed this one up I guess:(</p>



<p>Hey, it happens! You had a dream, and you wanted to believe the school admissions officer who said he could make it happen.</p>

<p>At this point, what you need to do is see about canceling those loans, which you should be able to do if you withdraw promptly. You may end up forfeiting a deposit . . . but you should check ALL paperwork that you signed to make sure what, if anything, you owe.</p>

<p>And this doesn’t mean that this school might not be a possibility down the road . . . but you’d have to save up in advance to cover any amounts that aren’t covered by federal loans. So, it can still be done . . . it will just take longer than you anticipated.</p>