Someone is offering the college dorm experience for online/remote students...

They rented out two entire hotels (one in Hawaii, one in Arkansas) to be “college dorms” for students taking online/remote courses but want the college dorm experience.

However, the handbook on their web site says that leaving the “dorm” without authorization is not permitted, presumably to reduce the risk of anyone bringing in COVID-19. The handbook also says that students must be at least 21 years of age, which would limit the market for such a college dorm experience – traditional college seniors and later starting college students are less likely to live in college dorms, or want to live in college dorms.

So can we older parents apply for the Hawaii one? Just kidding. But really nice and good price.

I think this is a great idea. There is housing like this in Europe for college students. Those in transition from home especially need a safe place where things are provided for them at first.

Who knows what will happen in terms of online education a few years from now. In the short term, this is a smart idea.

Not sure how they are going to enforce quarantine or any other protocols, but if it is a true “bubble” and the kids don’t leave (for the beach?) it could work. Just skeptical about the behavior of young people, especially in an enticing place like Hawaii.

College kids of legal drinking age living in a hotel? What could possibly go wrong?

In terms of drinking, probably more can go wrong if there is a mix of 18-21 year old college students (consider the difficulties that regular college dorms have with this). That is probably why they have a minimum age 21 requirement, though that will limit the market for their service.