Someone please explain this to me

<p>My status at UT Austin just got updated to the following;</p>

<p>'After careful review of applications from a highly-competitive pool of applicants, the Admissions Committee at UT Austin is not able to offer you admission at this time. Approximately three times as many students apply each year as we are able to enroll.'</p>

<p>What does this mean? Am I rejected? Or is my decision delayed?</p>

<p>Sorry, but that sounds like a rejection. Sometimes they'll offer summer admission or admission to the CAP program (where you attend another UT school -UTSA, UTEP,etc) for a year and then can transfer to the main, Austin, campus. But, that would have been stated in your letter (or on your login page at the website). If you are in doubt, call the admissions office-or you or your GC can call and see if those programs are an option for you. Hope it works out!</p>

<p>i got the same exact response. it's a rejection, i'm sure. and if you call and it isn't then you better let me know!!!! :]</p>

<p>Looks like a rejection.</p>

<p>3x that means there is a 33% acceptance rate.</p>

<p>That is INCLUDING the top 10 % automatic.</p>

<p>UT is mega tough to get into now.</p>

<p>It is hard to understand how it can be 33% if thousands of people (the top 10% kids) have a 100% chance of admission.</p>

<p>In a different post, the loneranger said "Well there will be roughly 7500 entering freshmen. There is roughly a 60% yield at UT. So that means that roughly 12,500 were admitted. 80 percent were top ten. So that means that 10,000 admitted students are top ten kids and 2500 are not top-ten or are out-of-state. The total admission percentage has been just under half, so that means that about 25,000 kids applied. If you take out the top ten kids, that means that 15,000 non-top ten kids applied for 2500 spots, or an acceptance rate of 1/6, or just under 17%."</p>

<p>In gibbusoft's letter above, UT Admissions said "Three times as many people apply as we are able to enroll" not "Three times as many people apply as we are able to accept" ?</p>

<p>No, roughly 7500-8000 enroll and about 25k apply. That's about a third.</p>

<p>They will put the lower number so it doesn't look as bad, but in the past the overall acceptance rate has been about 47%.</p>