Someone Please Explain...

<p>and in plain english, please, as I am a bit slow on this topic. What is the difference between the Apple Computer and a regular computer. And which do you recommend? Thanks!</p>

<p>There are 2 general kinds of computers --- those that are manufactured by Apple (MacIntosh's) and generally all others that are "windows-based" and manufactured by lots of other companies. (Windows, but the way, is the name of the "operatring system" designed by the giant of them all Microsoft)</p>

<p>Some people swear that Macs are better; others swear by windows. More people use windows machines, probably due to cleaver busienss decisions years ago by Microsoft. </p>

<p>Which is better is a personal thing. If you are a real novice, many people would say choose a Mac. (I personally use windows, but my husband has a Mac.)</p>

<p>If you are buying a computer, grab a young kid to help you assess your needs. Obviously you have a computer (or access to a computer) since you have posted here.</p>

<p>I am a convert ...... find it easy ... user friendly. I recommend Apple. Do you live near one of the Apple stores? The folks there will let you play on, look at and they will explain in simple language to you.</p>

<p>You will often hear "regular computers" referred to as "PC's" (for Personal Computers). Obviously, Apples are personal computers, too, but that is the shorthand that has developed.</p>

<p>We own both and I personally have an iBook (Apple) notebook computer as well as a Dell (PC, "regular", Windows-based) notebook. I like them both. The reason I have the PC is because software I need in my business is not available for an Apple. While I might like Apple better, hypothetically, the problem can be that in certain fields you cannot get the most popular software for the Apple. Or, worse, in certain businesses, the software you need to access is not available on the Apple. In some fields, many people consider Apple superior, particularly in the graphic arts field.</p>

<p>If you do not have particular business needs for certain software, then you are free to choose which you like better, based on ease of use, price, looks or whatever matters to you.</p>

<p>Try out each, by borrowing from a friend, going to a store or whatever and see which you like best. In the end, for most people, they both do what you need and both do it pretty much the same way: access the Internet, handle email, do spreadsheets, do word processing, do Quicken (or other money managing software).</p>

<p>We use apples and bought a program that allows us to us windows documents, etc.</p>

<p>Best of both worlds</p>

<p>I heat apples. I don't have one though...but I much prefer them, especially when they get heavy use like our main computer, the stableness is a huge plus</p>

<p>One big plus of Apples, which I forgot. They are dramatically less susceptible to viruses, worms, hacking etc.</p>

<p>I have an Apple and a windows-based computer. I loathe WIndows. It is not intuitive. I also hate the fact that that computer is susceptible to virises. </p>

<p>I love, love, love my Apple!</p>

<p>Check out consumer reports...apples get better reliability and customer satisfaction ratings. Software is a bother sometimes because stores carry the products for PCs which more people own and not for the apples, so that could be a factor. I drive a pc, my d drives an ibook, hers is easier to use.</p>

<p>Do you have access to the same browsers using a Mac as a PC? Would I still be able to Google?</p>

<p>Not any problem for everyday, common usage. Once you go Apple you will never go is too satisfying. Pretty+easy+reliable+iPods+new phones.....they are a magical experience for they are sooooo user friendly.</p>

<p>Of course you can access any website on the Internet from either machine. You can use IE on Mac as well (I believe? not sure) but Apple has their own browser, naturally.</p>

<p>I prefer Windows. I fail to see what's so much easier to do in OS X as opposed to Windows. From my point of view, Apple spends a great deal of time on their "look," but other than that, there is no real advantage. Plus, their machines tend to be on the expensive side.</p>

Do you have access to the same browsers using a Mac as a PC? Would I still be able to Google?


<p>As hazmat said, yes of course.</p>

<p>To put it in words of one syllable, quopoe, the difference is NOT in what they do, it is in HOW they do it. Even those differences are of debatable importance. As you can see, some people don't like Apple products and/or see why anyone would pay more for them. Some people find Apple much easier to use.</p>

<p>I use the same browser (Internet Explorer) on both. I Google on both all the time. I email on both, do spreadsheets on both, etc. etc. etc.</p>

<p>I don't have explorer installed I use firefox :) I find firefox to be much faster than explorer-
I have found that apple products are very well made and have great customer support
My daughter is still using a laptop that she has had since 6th grade and probably wont upgrade till she graduates from high school.</p>

<p>We use both PCs and Macs in this household. DH and I both have PC laptops. DS has a Mac Powerbook. To be honest, HIS is the best computer in the family. The decision on which platform to buy is often based on software needs. As noted above, there some application software is not available for the Mac. However, for my son, the choice was hands down the Mac. He is a music major and the audio/visual capabilities of the Mac far outweigh those of the PC. Macs are the computer of choice for music majors...and I am told for graphics arts majors as well...and other art related majors. The software for music is simply more accessible on the Mac...and the capability for things like recording on the Mac are terrific. Personally, I find the Mac an easier and more "user friendly" system to use.</p>

<p>I have been a mac user since 1986. Hard to switch to something else at this point.</p>