Someone please help!!!

<p>For UPenn's ED that was extended until today, Nov. 4, Common App won't let me put it as ED because it's saying it was due on the 1st. Do I just submit it as regular decision and they will put me on ED, or what????? Help I only have about 10 minutes until midnight</p>

<p>urgent please help!</p>

<p>well i submitted it and it got rid of all of my early decision signings and everything! this is so messed up. I thought it went through earlier today and then i looked and it said that it was never submitted. fml</p>

<p>Why not contact with the college immediately? Send them an urgent email or call them directly. You may soon receive from them. My friend applied for Brown's ED with SAT Subject on Nov 5th, and they say it would be just acceptable. Thus no more hesitating!</p>

<p>It's Saturday though! But I will do that. Thanks!</p>