Someone please tell me where I stand.

18yrs old in my Senior Year.

5A*s 2As 2Bs for O levels.
1210 May SAT score, I’ll be resitting it in October.

2015/16:House Captain and Junior Prefect.
2016/17:Senior Prefect, might become Head girl.

Commerce society member for 3 years, I now hold the post for Secretary.
Part of the Interact Club.
Part of a charitable organization, currently teaching kids English every Sunday at a Child development and Rehabilitation Center, previously worked with children with special needs.

Interned at the oldest and one of the leading business chambers in my country.

My A level subjects are

Not sure where to apply and how high to aim but, NYU will be my pick for ED.

Feel free to make me feel like shit, constructive criticism will be more appreciated though.

NYU will be a reach with your current SAT. A 1210 will put you somewhere below their 25th percentile so that’s going to be really difficult, especially since you’re an international. You’ll need to raise your SAT pretty significantly, and particularly if you’re applying to the business school.

Thank you :’)

I agree with the SAT. If you have the money, I would try to take the ACT. Back when SATs were not 1600s, I got an 1810 or 1910 (I forget lol), which isn’t phenomenal, but my ACT score was 32. You might be better at one test than another. I would say, as well, that you should probably try and apply for less competitive degrees and try to change your major later.

hope this helps xx