Someone plz predict my PSAT score

<p>CR-7 wrong
Math- 7 omitted, 1 wrong
Writing- 7 wrong</p>

<p>199 to 200</p>

<p>What about.....</p>

<p>CR - 7 wrong
Math- 2 wrong
Writing- 10 Wrong (Really have no idea...goofed up this section)</p>

<p>A range would be nice

<p>I believe that it'll be too low to matter with those scores.</p>

<p>you might have done better than you think with writing...if so, you could have a shot at being commended - good luck</p>

<p>ur prolly right about the bout with 5 wrong on writing?</p>

<p>btw........according to the collegeboard pc chart i would have gotten a 209....... 1 point shy of being a semifinalist</p>