Something about Ec's!!!

<p>I have good grades, a very tough schedule (lots of aps, even freshman year!), and pretty good sat scores (about 2350), and ec's i got a few, but good ones. Im worried that i dont have enough ec's and that might get me rejected EA. I have about 3-4 ec's but im very involved in all of them, one of which i created (our schools's first stand-up comedy club where we perform at local comedy clubs by reservation which im president for and reallly, really involved in!) I just want to see other peoples opinions on the fact that i dont think i have enough ec's...i mean other ppl on collegeconfid. that i have seen have like 8-10 ec' applying ea, does harvard consider my ec's just as much as my academic pursuits, because i know that in ea there are stronger applicants than in rd, i just thought that rd, because they are weaker, might be considered on ec's and recommendations more than their academics...but maybe im wrong? Thanks for answering these two questions!!!</p>

<p>bump bump bump!!! please!! replies!!!</p>

<p>I don't think there's a difference between EA and RD in how Harvard considers ECs.</p>

<p>As for not having enough, that's something only you can decide. Do you have a lot of free time? If so, start another club. I think your comedy club is awesome (and lends itself to a good, humorous essay).</p>

<p>thanks! the comedy club is doin well so far! We hope to do fundraisers and raise money for a local comic to come in. Then we can help sponser a talent show tih the comic in it....the school's first talent show in its history! Im just not sure if harvard will appreciate something like a comedy club because it doesnt seem to fit in with the math, science, academic sort of thing...what do u guys think?</p>