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<p>okay, let me start off by saying that this is not a chances thread. I am applying Regular Decision to Cornell. At this point, however, I do not know which school I should apply to. There is so much that interests me. From hotel management to human ecology to the classes offered at the college of arts and sciences. Because I like this all so much, it came to deciding which one I could get into more easily. And I realize that this does not all have to do with the acceptance rates. For example, I applied to UPenn, and I really wanted to apply to Wharton. But I didnt, because my math isnt that good and also because nothing in my extracurriculars made it seem I was interested in business. A majority of my extra curriculars are based either around music/the arts or international affairs/politics. So I wanted some advice from you guys. Judging by my profile, which school at Cornell do you think I have the highest chances of getting into?</p>

<p>Heres my profile:
Hi, this is my last thread ever, and my last chance. so lets see. please help me out.
I'm applying regular decision to Cornell
Here are some stats:
Indian Male
Critical Reading : 670
Math : 690
Writing : 750
Overall - 1360/1600 and 2110/2400
GPA Weighted : 4.3
Class Rank : Top 3%
I am on the executive board of the Student Government
I have attended Pennsylvania Governor's School of International Studies (a very competetive program by which I spent 5 weeks at the University of Pittsburgh studying International Affairs at the college level, only 1/8 applicants got in)
I am enrolled in an internship for international studies
I tutor African Refugees
I have taught poverty stricken children in India(for 1 week, came to about 50 hrs)
I have protested against poaching with the same organization
I have 48 hours of service at a library
I was the founder of a school band in India
I played guitar for a local band and we got pretty popular regionally, in fact ,it was ONE of ONLY TWO BANDS chosen to play with the popular cover band Bad Fish on their show from ALL of Pittsburgh
I am in Model UN
I am in French Club
I am in Drama Club
I have been in Poetry Club
I am an actor in school plays
I am on the Highest Honor Roll
I am part of the National Honors Society
I am in the top 5% class
My hobbies include horseriding, snowboarding, guitar, piano etc
I have studied abroad in high school (India)
I am the founder and president of the Animal Rights Society and Political Awareness Leauge at my school
Some hobbies include snowboarding, horseriding, piano, guitar, art
The thing I feel that could hurt me is I took all my AP's in my senior year, so I dont have any AP scores yet, but I will have that explained, because I studied abroad, when I came to America, I had to take certain required classes before I could take AP, so I couldnt take AP's before this. I twas just NOT POSSIBLE. But I have a letter explaining that from the counsellor.
If I write some good essays do I have a chance?
I have started a clothes charity in collaboration with the local IKEA to raise winter clothes for Burmese/African refugees
I have arranged a rally about Animal Rights in the town square thingy and it will happen in about two or three weeks, before I apply, and it may actually recieve some news attention
I go to an underrepresented suburban school. In fact, nobody from my school has been to Cornell i think in the last 15-20 years. and this year, nobody except me is applying to Ivy's at all.</p>

<p>Basically I wanted your opinion on which school I should apply to: Hotel management, the college of arts and sciences or human ecology?</p>

<p>People can write useless suggestions on here, but I think it's really up to you to decide. A lot of people are probably in the same situation as you (with multiple interests), but try looking into the curriculum. Look up the required classes for each major/ school on Cornell's website and see which one has the most classes you're interested in taking. It's a good place to start IMO.</p>

<p>no no lol. what I meant was, that with the ec's I've done (which revlve around international affairs/politics) should i stick to the college, or should i apply to hotel management? Because naturally, i want to get accepted to Cornell. Maybe moreso to the school of hotel management, but im afraid that they might look at my app and say "wow, he's done only international affairs and politics type stuff, why is he applying to hotel?" and then reject me. should i just stick to the college?</p>

<p>You resume does sound more ILRe , but if you bring out the elements of why the Hotel School is a better fit for you, then you would have a better chance there. Also, there is a primary/alternate option this year that I think would probably benefit you more than a lot of other applicants. Good luck!</p>

<p>seriously, if u want to get into Hotel, just apply there. I applied to AEM ED and i have NO ECs that is related to business (i dont rly have many Ecs either...). im sure its better to have some Ecs that related to what you're applying to, but dont let it ruin ur future and end up doing something u dont want to do.</p>