Something fun and apropro

<p>I don't think anyone has posted a link to this and not sure if a youtube link will stay up, but if not, just google "The Battery's Down." It's an online series about a kid going through the audition process - not for colleges but for work. The guy who created it is from UMich MT. I think there is just Episode 1 - parts 1 and 2.</p>

<p>Sometimes I can spell.</p>

<p>I love TBD! I can't wait for the next episode.</p>

<p>The Battery's Down is a project of kids who graduated from Michigan's MT program. Amazing, aren't they?</p>

<p>I love how they poke fun at themselves - especially in the dance audition scene - "what kind of apple is it?"</p>

<p>My d and I had seen these recently and we loved them, lol. I think the next "episode" is March 1st.</p>

<p>We will certainly be tuned in then! Thanks, catera45, for posting this and bringing it to the attention of all who read and post here. It's great fun and shows off the multiple talents of the Michigan kids!</p>

<p>Did anyone see the March episodes? Hilarious! In particular, I loved 'You could be in that...'</p>

<p>Jake Wilson taught the dance part of my kid's U Mich audition! And the accompanist from episode one was her accompanist.</p>

<p>The girl who sang "You Could Be in That" is from my D's high school and she's a BoCo grad.</p>