Something I noticed when I p/np a class...

<p>In all the classes I p/np (about 2 so far...) because I thought I was doing horrible in them, I end up getting incredibly good grades on the subsequent midterms...and I only study 5 minutes for them.</p>

<p>anyone else notice this for their classes? the ones i put in tremendous amounts of effort into, I don't end up doing that great in the class. And the p/np classes aren't bs classes either..they require studying/effort, as well..</p>

<p>seriously wish i could change a p/np class to letter grade after deadline lol.</p>

<p>Just another case of Murphy's law in action. At least you didn't get NP, right?</p>

<p>There was an upper div class I really just crammed last minute, and it wasn't even "effective" cramming, whatever that is. It was crappy; I picked up 5 books we were supposed to have read over the course of 3 months, two days before the midterm. I didn't finish one book, lol, and I got an 89% xD</p>

<p>For a lower div class, I studied like crap, memorized and tried to understand all the laws used, worked problems and homework, went over worksheets...the grade is too sad to even type on here.</p>

<p>Lol, this exact same thing happened to me. I received a bad grade on an essay for one of my classes, so I got worried, put it on P/NP and studied only 2-3 hours for the midterm. What do I end up getting? An A minus. :/ Of course it's too late to change a P/NP grade back, but I wish I could, seeing as if I get an A minus overall in the class, it could actually help my GPA. Oh well. I studied so much more for the midterm of my major-related class, and I'm pretty sure I got much worse than an A minus on that...Isn't life great like that?</p>

<p>yeah like today. studied thoroughly for my math 53 midterm. see solutions. missed 3/5 questions. first midterm got a B+/A- range...but now I screwed up on this. Great.</p>

<p>I P/NP'd two science classes at Cal, got two A's, will never forget it :). My theory is that if you're a pretty good student, you can't shoot for a C-, you always overdo. Also, it's just easier to learn when your mind is relaxed. No good answer there, just a thought. But try auditing a fun class, you'll learn a ton & remember all of it.</p>