Something to be aware of if thinking about colleges in Arkansas

This wouldn’t apply to college students, and not to students from other states or AR students in other states

I wasn’t aware of the law that said you could only get an abortion in the state where you attended college. This is valuable information.

…Is that sarcasm, @Earlvandorn?

More important: does the college clinic provide abortion referral/counselling? Is there such a Planned Parenthood or clinic within driving distance and how far is it? Are there doctors and pharmacies that deliver Ru186 pills?

@MYOS1634 Just to note, the law in question allows spouses, not unwed fathers, to block second-trimester abortions. I do not see the necessity of abortion “counseling” by college clinics – all the counseling a person could need is available by going to a computer and typing People know if they need an abortion. If not available in Arkansas, they are easily available in Memphis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City/Norman, Dallas, and to a lesser extent Shreveport, so about a two- or three-hour drive from anywhere in Arkansas.

@bodangles Of course it was sarcasm. I just think it’s ridiculous to base one’s college choice on whether or not abortions are available within a 15-minute drive, except for Alaska and Hawaii.

^ I agree. But if the matters is of importance to someone, I think the questions I listed are better than looking at the article linked. :slight_smile:

@EarlvanDorn Your disdain for women’s health issues is noted.

From the article:

"Reproductive rights experts say the ban on dilation and evacuations is virtually as effective as banning abortions after the first trimester.

Realistically, under the new legislation, “the only option that anyone in Arkansas would have would be to leave the state,” Musick said.

A small percentage of second-trimester abortions occur via medically induced labor, but this less common method is more time-consuming, requires a hospital stay, and often involves more complications."

So, two to three hour drive, I guess. And yeah, probably few, if any, young people would include this in their decisions…but could, sadly, regret it in the event that they find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.