Somewhat overwhelmed...? HELP!

<p>Ok I have mentioned daughter wants to be a pop vocalist to that end we are cutting a demo and who knows where that will lead..BUT meantime we also have to look at colleges....if something should happen with the demo and we go in a different direction thats fine..but if not we need to be prepared.</p>

<p>So to that end I got a list of music colleges from the guidance counselor and there are so many of them I dont know where to start. Except to say she does NOT want classical and is more interested in moving where the action is than say going to Alabama. </p>

<p>So how do we sift through the schools to pick one for her?</p>

<p>Oberlin is a good one...</p>

<p>By "action" do you mean music biz? That would mean NY, LA, or Nashville I suppose. That narrows it down quite a bit.</p>

<p>UNC-Greensboro is a small uni with a good honors program and an excellent music program.</p>

<p>Berklee College of Music in Boston.</p>

<p>I think you narrow the list down like anyone does. The child has to develop criteria like size, location, challenge of the school, and then examine the music program itself (get the brochures and look at website) and determine if the offerings are of the nature she is looking for. For instance, many involve classical singing. This is an issue you have discussed on here a lot regarding your D not wanting that. So, that will narrow it down a lot. </p>

<p>Going where the "action" is , in my view, is more important when going to get your career jump started. If she were going straight into looking for work, then yes, NYC, LA or Nashville are where it is at. But my opinion is that the location of the college program is NOT critical to that decision at all. When in college, her time will be spent in rigorous conservatory training, as well as performance opportunities via campus programs. She is not going to have time to pound the pavement looking for recording contracts and gigs outside of college so much. She will spend four years honing her craft and then pound the pavement. I liken this to my own D who I told you is going for a BFA in musical theater. Of course, NYC is where that is at. But her college need NOT be in NYC because this is about her training years. Even if she went to school in NYC, she would be unable to audition for work there during the grueling, long hour conservatory and college classes, and rehearsals for college productions. So, while she would like to be in NYC because she LOVES NEW YORK, going to college there, even SHE realizes, is not that important to her career at all. She has maturely figured out that she needs to go to the best program she can get into. One of her two first choices is in NYC but the allure of NYC is there but she knows she does not have to BE in NYC during her college years and she has the rest of her life, starting in four years, to try to "make it in NYC". College years are not going to be the time for that pursuit, but will be a stepping stone to that goal. Some of the very top programs in her field, in fact, most of them but one, are located OUTSIDE of NYC. Same with for your daughter. Just my two cents. </p>

<p>Also, many kids who have professional performance backgrounds, still take four years to go to college. I don't see it as either/or for your D. She does not have to "make it" at fifteen (I forget her age but I think that is about it) OR choose college. She can hone her craft now, seek professional work if you want, as well, but still go to college at 18, and then hopefully go on at 22, even more skilled and prepared and educated and seek more professional opportunities. Most of the kids I know who have worked on let's say, Broadway, are still pursuing college when they turn 18.In other words, I don't see the situation as "if I don't make it, then I will go to college." Rather even if she makes it now, she still can go to college. As well, even if she does NOT make it now, she can go to college and make it later!

<p>PS...again for YOUR daughter's interest, one of the best programs is at Berklee School of Music.</p>

<p>Some schools that come to mind are Belmont University in Nashville, University of Miami, and Loyola Marymount in LA. If Berklee seems too specialized, look at Emerson - they are part of the ProArts Consortium in Boston and would allow for music classes at Berklee (though the music scene in Boston isn't great these days).</p>

<p>SCMA Emerson was NOT on the list the guidance counselor gave her as having a music program?</p>

<p>Soozievt..I appreciate your points. Mine was simply if things come of her demo besides the experience etc and her career takes off she may not want to go to college for a while if at all..</p>

<p>The demo so far is a real eyeopening experience. For one thing she got photos done and I never realized how photogenic she is. The photos are incredible. It was most interesting that she knew exactly how she wanted to be viewed what to wear, poses etc. She had obviously been thinking about it for a long time.</p>

<p>Then we got a little help on how to choose songs from another web group I am on..and we totally changed the songs she was going to sing.
So she is perfecting those and we are doing bio I reckon next year before its all done..
Seems to be taking a while but she is busy with other things too.</p>

<p>Emerson doesn't have a music program, but they are great for any entertainment related majors, and with the ProArts Consortium she could do the music stuff at Berklee - I just thought it could we a great alternative for her.</p>