Son considers Coast Guard after graduation

<p>Son will graduate in '09 and is seriously considering the Coast Guard. He is interested in environmental response. From what I have read, acceptance to Officer Candidate School is difficult - only about 20% make it each round (I believe apps are read 2x per year), although you can reapply at any time. Because of this, I have read that many apply for OCS and enlist at the same time.</p>

<p>It seems that the recruiting process is a protracted one and that son should probably start with a recruiter this spring after the end of his junior year.</p>

<p>I have found several good CG message boards but thought I'd check here as well and see if there were any sage posters familiar with the recruiting process or careers in the CG as either a parent or current/former Coastie.</p>

<p>Is he grad college or hs in 09
Go over to the service academy site in CC, listed under colleges. And post a thread over there. Also go to There are great people who have military experience in every branch, some are h s students applying, some arecadets, some are parents, some are active duty and some are retired, but they all have experience with the service in one form or another</p>

<p>Sorry I was a little vague - he graduates college.</p>

<p>Thank you for the link, bulletandpima, I'll add it to my list and head over to the CG Academy site as well.</p>

<p>I'm currently following forums at, and</p>

<p>All links gratefully accepted.</p>

<p>DS was considering the Coast Guard. We were surprised to find out that they only take around 2,000 recruits annually. When that quota is met, recruitment is closed for the year. This typically happens around Sept, so you are correct that if DS wanted to go in the CG soon after graduating, he should start working with his recruiter the end of his junior year. Have heard only good things about the CG, but was also surprised to learn that some of them do go overseas and to Iraq. </p>

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is the best website I found. Scroll down to the Recruiter's Desk. In the end, DS didn't enlist because of the timing thing. He didn't start the process early enough, and then life took over.</p>

<p>I cannot answer specific questions, but just wanted to say that one of my brothers is a retired CG commander, and he found it a very fulfilling career. He's a pilot (can fly just about anything - helicopters as well as large & small airplanes), and was responsible for quite a few rescues, among other rewarding work. I wish your son all the best.</p>

<p>I would suggest crossposting on the US military academies forum here on CC as well. There are many knowledgeable folks there.</p>