Son Just got accepted!

First yes!

SAT 1470
UW GPA 3.93
Male Caucasian/Indian
OOS (Michigan)

congrats @adaorange on University of Iowa!

What major is your son applying for? I am a prospective engineering major and your son and I seem to have similar school interests. I’d be curious to know where he is applying.

UIUC (his first choice- me and my husband are grads so he grew up loving Illinois)
GT (his reach school)
West Michigan University (safety school).

Obviously the first 3 I listed are super competitive so could go either way, or more likely, not his way. But hopeful for one of them. If not his next choice would be Wisconsin. But I know he prefers a very traditional campus like UIUC/Michigan. We only visited those two and Wisconsin but i believe Iowa and MSU fit what he’s looking for in a campus. He does prefer a lot of diversity though.

He wants EE or CE.

What about you? What major/where are you applying?

I am undecided between EE, CS, and CE.

I also applied to Michigan, MSU, and OSU. I am an Ohio Resident so hopefully I will get into OSU with their top engineering program.

Michigan is obviously a huge reach for me and MSU is likely too expensive OOS, however I really like it.

I applied to Iowa State and was accepted. They have a stronger engineering program than Iowa, and it has a similar college town feel to Ann Arbor based off what I heard. (I visited the Ann Arbor campus and loved it a lot more than the feel of OSU.)

Purdue gives out very little merit scholarships and costs a lot OOS, which is why I’m not applying. I LOVE their engineering program though.

Money is a huge factor for me since we have an EFC of zero.

If you have any recommendations, let me know.

In Ohio, CWR is well known for engineering, along with Cincinnati.

Great news. Congratulations to your son!

Good luck! I don’t really have any other recs. OOS is going to cost around 50k a year at most of what we applied to. I like that Iowa is an option but it is the farthest school by car that we applied to. If he were be lucky enough to get accepted to GT there’s direct flights from our town so even that school is less of a distance factor than some of the others.

Obviously Michigan is the top choice as parents as far as cost plus distance plus quality of school.

D18 visiited U Iowa twice and just loved it. Great little surrounding “city” and beautiful campus and such loyal happy students and alums. A feel-good safety. True, more attractive for medical-related majors than engineering (Iowa State for that!). She was admitted in-state for UIUC, but financially Iowa would have been better with their merit aid and FA. Ultimately ended up in San Diego (location, location, location!), but we both still have a real soft spot for U Iowa, especially when we see those football game waves. Congrats–nice to have that first sure thing!

Congrats to everyone who got accepted! My D just got accepted. She is excited.