Son Needs Your Good Wishes: Head On Collision; Christmas/18th Birthday Ruined

<p>Hi, everyone. Last Monday, my son was involved in a serious head-on collision about three blocks from home. A guy, in a hurry blew through an intersection...didn't even brake. We had been saving for many years to give our son a new car for his 18th birthday. The car saved his life. Fortunately, he suffered only a concussion, some whiplash, a banged up knee, and other aches and pains. Believe me, it could have been so much worse.</p>

<p>Sadly, today, Christmas Day is his 18th birthday. He's still pretty banged up and has a bad cold, as do I from all the running around in the cold that night and all the stress thereafter. He's really depressed; hasn't even crawled out of bed yet on what should have been a very, very happy day (and, when you think about it, should still be). The car was the car of his was a total surprise to him. All our celebration plans are now on hold.</p>

<p>There's nothing much I can say to him to take away the pain of what's happened....</p>

<p>Can you spare some Christmas love for my son?</p>

<p>His CC name is WingsofEagles.</p>

<p>It is a good thing that the car was good enough to save him from a more serious injury! I am so sorry! I hope that he feels better soon. You all need to count your blessings- he will be fine with time, and he is home and safe with you.</p>

<p>My heart goes out to you & your son. Glad to hear he's (mostly) OK. Count your blessings.</p>

<p>WingsofEagles: We feel your pain and send you wishes of much love and comfort on your birthday. This week is my DD's 18th birthday too and she too has not had "the best week". She had all 4 wisdom teeth out and the next day, received a rejection letter from the school of her dreams. She and I talk now about accentuating the positive. She will find another college to attend and will never be troubled by wisdom teeth again. You are alive! You could have could have lost your tomorrows and the fact that you did not and survived with your body and brains intact IS reason for celebration. Someday, there will be another car of your dreams because you are lucky...there will be a someday.
Best of love on your birthday and this christmas day.</p>

<p>OrangeBlossom, today was my mother's and is my sister's birthday. Christmas babies are special . Best wishes for a speedy recovery and for decent insurance coverage limits on the negligent driver. (Hey. I'm a lawyer. I thought I heard an ambulance. What can I say? It's a habit. ;) )</p>


<p>My heart goes out to you! What a bummer! </p>

<p>Many years ago, my H was run over by a car and broke his jaw in three different places. He also had a concussion (to this day, he does not remember what happened). He had his jaw wired for several weeks and was on liquid diet and could not shave. He could not talk much either. He was like the wild man of Aveyron!</p>

<p>I know a young woman who totalled the family BMW the day after she got her license, turning a corner just a block from her house. No reimbursement for her, as she was in the wrong. The silver lining is that the other guy's insurance will have to reimburse you for the damage to your car. You will be able to use it to buy another dream car. I hope it's soon!</p>

<p>That must have been quite a shock! Your son not only "lost" his dream car (hopefully to be replaced by insurance/ driver who crashed into it), but he had a really scary shock. A crash like that can stay with you a long time, and cause panic behind the wheel when you return to driving. I hope he heals quickly and well. Poor you!</p>

<p>OB & Wingsofeagle,</p>

<p>When I first read the title of this posting my heart was in my throat and I was afraid to read on. In this season of blessings I am so glad that you for the most part are here to celebrate another year. </p>

<p>Sweetie, your birthday is not ruined, it is just all the more special because you and your family have been reminded about the frailty of human life and through it all, you've been blessed to have another birthday. So this christmas, you are the best gift.</p>

<p>That may have been the car of your dreams but you are the child of your parents dreams and you're much more valuable than any car that can easily replaced. There will always be a special place for that car in your parents heart because it protected you and they would not have had it any other way.</p>

<p>I wish you a speedy recovery and I am confident that truly better things are yet to come.</p>

<p>Orangeblossom, I am a car hobbiest and I am active on another forum where people live for their cars, and put a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into fixing up these cars, and consider a scratch in the paint a major tragedy. Yet, it is practically a mantra on that forum whenever there is a serious accident and a precious restored car is destroyed, cars can be replaced!!! people can't! Your son's car can be easily replaced, hopefully with the help of insurance. I wish for him a speedy recovery, both physical and emotional.</p>

<p>The car can always be replaced; it's the loss of innocence that's the problem. You can see the flashback in my son's eyes; can't wait for that to fade. All he sees is the headlights right before the crash. He can't even talk about it.</p>

<p>Count our blessings? You better believe it! All my friends told us to get the cheapest car we could find so that we could avoid collision insurance. We opted to go with the car that got all the 5-star crash ratings and that was deemed the best safety vehicle with all the safety equipment available. We were going to wait until he turned 18 and give it to him in the spring, but we gave it to him in late fall. Boy are we ever glad we did. The car is close to totaled; even if the insurer won't total it, we still plan to replace it. Airbags deployed, frame is bent, etc, etc, etc. No one even called to let us know DS was in an accident. DS got a hold of a cell phone and made a totally incoherent call to us. When we finally found the scene of the accident, and I saw the car, I thought for sure my son was dead. It was the greatest Christmas gift to know he was alive in the ambulance. The ambulance driver said I was the first parent he ever encountered who didn't care about the car; go figure.</p>

<p>Thank goodness the car saved him from more serious injury. I hope he is soon feeling better and that the rest of the winter goes well for all of you.</p>

<p>Last week our local paper had a front-page story about two cheerleaders who had been in an accident on an icy road on the way home from an extra gymnastic practice. One died at the scene and the other died after several days in the hospital. They had been traveling in a decade-old BMW convertible and skidded into a Ford minivan. There's no way of knowing from a newspaper account how serious the accident might have been in terms of speed and kind of impact, but it was a crushing story to read at any time of year, and I can imagine that there will always be a shadow of the thought of what had been a newer and/or safter/more substantial car. </p>

<p>So, unhappy as your son may be, and as infuriating the other driver's behavior is, things are not so bad, and the best thing is that there is a chance for them to get better.</p>

<p>OrangeBlossom, I am so glad your son escaped with few injuries. I think he must be in shock right now, not only from the wreck, but from confronting mortality - something teens don't expect to happen to them. Time, as usual, will heal. Blessings to you and your family.</p>

<p>OrangeBlossom -- So glad for you and your family that your son survived the accident in decent physical shape although probably with emotional scars. You are very fortunate. Ten days ago in northern New Jersey during an ice storm two high school senior cheerleaders were in a car accident on the way home from practice; one died instantly and the other lingered in a coma about a week till she died.
I did not know either but they sounded like terrific kids and the community is grief stricken. An accident like this and your son's sure show us what is really important.</p>

<p>mattmom, 3boysnjmom, same thing on all of our minds! One of the girls was accepted early to Penn State.</p>

<p>OB & WingsofEagles,</p>

<p>I am very sorry that your s was in such a frightening accident. I am glad, however, that he is still alive to celebrate his birthday and Chirstmas and to look forward to happier ones.</p>

<p>Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.</p>


<p>{{{{{{{{MANY HUGS}}}}}}} to you and to your precious son, WingsOfEagles! How utterly terrifying--definitely a parent's worst nightmare. I am so very, very relieved to hear that his physical injuries were minor relative to the severity of the accident (Thank G-d AND the safe vehicle you bought him!). Still, it will take him time to recover fully physically and of course emotionally. I cannot imagine the fear and anxiety he must be feeling right now, not to mention the struggle of dealing with such a difficult thing at this special time of year which, if the world were perfect, would be reserved for only happy and joyous events. I know how very sad it must be for you to see your beloved son so down on this, his 18th birthday and Christmas Day. I hope that some of the day can be salvaged for some celebration (if he is up to it), but if not, take comfort in the fact that by his 19th birthday, this will be a distant memory.</p>


<p>Happy Birthday honey, and Merry Christmas!!!! I am so very, very sorry for the car accident, your injuries, and the loss of you new car. Your injuries WILL heal and your car WILL be replaced. The most precious thing--YOU--will be as good as new soon. Please know that there are many of us out here thinking of you as you continue your recovery. You have SO MUCH to look forward to, so HURRY UP and get better, O.K.??? Sending you love, best wishes, and lots of prayers.</p>

<p>p.s. My oldest daughter was due on Christmas Day, but as is her habit, she was late and turned out to be a New Year's Eve baby instead! Just think, the whole world celebrates both of your birthdays!</p>

<p>love, ~berurah</p>


<p>Your family and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers! Use this Christmas Day and remember the true reason why we celebrate this day! Your son was very lucky not to get seriously hurt in his accident and it truely means that his work on earth is far from complete. </p>

<p>I personally know how stressful it can be to have something like this happen at an inopportune time. My senior year of college, I was in a serious collision where a ~10-pt buck decided to commit suicide in an amazing fashion by flying through my windshield and landing on my head! This occurred during the time when I was investigating graduate schools, applying, and trying to keep my grades up for commencement honors. All I could think when I was sitting in my car with the dead carcus on my head was 'guess I'm not going to work today', and not thinking about the horrible injuries I may have sustained. I luckily walked away from this accident with only major eye trauma (cornea abrasions, hyphema, steriod-induced glaucoma, and chronic dry eye to both eyes, and stimulated the beginning of a cataract in my right eye), however, the EMTs and doctors all were telling me I would likely need surgery for facial fractures which got me thinking worse-case scenario for graduating college on time. The cat-scan turned out negative for a facial fracture and I got to go home that night, bruised and blind (I'm extremely near-sighted and they had to remove my contacts because of the my one eye was swollen shut). </p>

<p>Sometimes, nasty stuff occurs to us to wake us up and make sure we slow down and enjoy life. It's a hard-blow to withstand at 18, but in a few weeks he should be back to his old self. At first, I had nightmares of the sound of the dying deer (if you have never heard this, I don't wish it upon anyone!), however, with time the nightmares faded and I realized it was a freak accident and wasn't my fault. </p>

<p>I do flinch everytime I see a deer now...but with time and reflection he will get better!</p>

<p>Merry Christmas and Peace to all!</p>

<p>Orangeblossom and Wingsofeagles,</p>

<p>Much Christmas love to you on this very difficult day, and birthday. Oh my. I, like Sybbie, was really afraid to keep reading. I will hug my boys a little tighter (whether they like it or not!.)</p>

<p>Blessings on your family.</p>

<p>That car is and should be the car of your entire family's dreams because it saved you your child! A very Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you and your family. I am so happy for you that you still have your child. I am glad you could get him such a car that could save him for you! There will now be more birthdays and more Christmases to celebrate together. I am very happy for you that you can still hold each other close today.</p>

<p>God bless you and yours.</p>

<p>Hang in was a horrible thing to happen, but memories of horrible things do fade; you'll be ok in time. In the meantime, there are hordes of us here on CC (and elsewhere in your life) who are rooting for you, grateful that your injuries weren't worse, and acutely aware that you're alive and well for a reason...the world needs you, and there are a lot of joys and good health and accomplishments (and cool cars!) in your not-too-distant future...</p>

<p>Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas and let us know if we can do anything to make you feel better...</p>

<p>Orangeblossom, my heart's with you, too...the memory of my S tumbling to a badly broken (in five places) ankle on his way down the bleachers to accept a State championship in Odyssey of the Mind last spring probably won't ever fade...the knot in my stomach and ache in my heart is as fresh as the day it happened whenever I think of it...but from the perspective of 8 months, successful surgery, and lots of happy living later, I can tell you all will be'll simply cherish WingsofEagles even more (impossible tho that may seem)...</p>

<p>Hope the silver linings glitter through soon, and that the rest of your holiday season is full of light and love and joy...</p>