Son’s chances of admission to UF

Hello. I’d love to get any thoughts on my son’s chances of admission to UF. His test scores are really good but GPA isn’t quite as high as UF middle 50

ACT 34
SAT 1450
WGPA 4.0
Class Rank is currently 4 spots outside the top quarter (162/632)
IB student on track for IB diploma
Completed 10 AP and 2 IB classes thru Junior year. Currently taking 5 IB classes
All other classes Honors/pre IB
Good writer, has had a lot of essay experience in IB

Natl Honor Society
Science Natl Honor Society (officer)
Mu Alpha Theta math honor society and volunteer tutor
AP Scholar with distinction
110 CS hours to date
Primary EC activity outside school is TaeKwonDo which he has studied for 8 plus years and achieved black belt level

Wants to study Physics/Math

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

@DDJax67 I have been following UF admissions for the past several years and it’s my opinion that class rank is the most important factor in their admissions criteria. I believe that the best way to judge your son’s chances is to find out how the students with similar class rank fared with UF in the last couple of years.

I assume you are in state. UF knows every high school in the state very well and I believe that they generally take about the same amount of students each year. You can (more or less) see a cut-off in the class ranking of who is accepted each year and it remains about the same. Your son should be able to get this information from his counselor or Naviance, if his school uses it.

Of course, this year may be different due to everything that is going on, and there are always outliers. So, you never know.

Based on what you have told us, I would say that it is a bit of a stretch for your son. To have taken that many AP/IB and honors classes and have a 4.0 weighted means that he as around a B average. I don’t think that the very good SAT will make up for that.
I know a student 3 years ago that had a 1540 SAT and was ranked in the upper middle of the class and did not get into UF. I think that UF would rather admit someone that has excelled in the classroom and maybe overachieved their potential, than someone that is naturally smart and not has not applied it fully. The latter is a higher risk, even though they may have more potential. Demonstrated achievement is the key.

1450 SAT, 4.0 GPA and 12 college level classes and you’re asking if there is a chance? Is this a trick question?

@Florodabound GPA is meaningless without context.

Here, the context is that:

  1. it is weighted GPA. Meaning, take away the extra points for 12 college level classes and it is likely a B/B+ average.
  2. The student’s class rank is below 75th percentile in his class. Meaning, there are over 25% of the students in his class that have outperformed him in academics. UF cannot take the top 25% of all of the students in the state. Just based on the number of HS graduates each year in Florida, they cannot take the top 10% of the students in each high school in the state.

Not sure of your high school but at ours, someone not in the top 25% would be unlikely to get into UF. UF seems to look at class rank as a primary factor.