Songs for APUSH

<p>Can anybody think of music that correlates to events that are covered in the APUSH class? </p>

<p>Kenji- Fort Minor </p>

<p>‪Fort</a> Minor- Kenji (w/ lyrics)‬‏ - YouTube</p>

<p>Japanese Americans in the camps during WWII</p>

<p>Billy Joel-We Didn't Start The Fire</p>

<p>Great song pi, there was a parody of this song from Jib Jab (the political satire you tube channel)</p>

<p>I loved WWI/WWII propaganda/satire songs when I took the class last year for some reason. They don't all really explain events that happened, but I loved Over There, I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier, and Der Fuehrer's Face the most.</p>

<p>We didnt start the fire is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! We used to listen to it all the time in 8th grade social studies.</p>

<p>Guys, btw youtube links aren't allowed on cc.</p>