Sonoma State Admissions--any news?

Daughter has a 3.78 GPA and 28 on ACTs and while she could get into other colleges has her heart set on Sonoma State due to smaller size and close proximity to family as well as specializing in a program she is interested in. Her friends are also going which is another huge plus.

We have heard NOTHING–her online portal/profile sits static with “We process applications in the order we receive them, your file is currently under review.” She checks it several times a day. It’s become an obsession. It’s become our nightmare. I mean, this is a kid who could’ve gone most anywhere but set her sights on this slow to respond college and it’s been hell for us.

To add salt into the wound, her two friends who also applied --later than she did, and who have lower scores than she does have already heard they are in and are making dorm/orientation plans – yet there her profile sits with, “…your file is currently under review.” Are any other families going thru this?

We had trouble with the ACT website so we were worried this might be the issue. I tried emailing the admissions coordinator listed by her alphabet letter early this week and nothing…crickets chirp (I may write a letter of complaint to administration if I don’t hear anything, as that’s just unprofessional). I plan on calling if I don’t hear by early next week despite daughters misgivings.

Our usually happy Daughter, who works so hard and who fights a daily battle with learning disabilities, anxiety and low self esteem, is in misery and a dark cloud has settled over our family life. I recently finished up with a second degree in an impacted major out of SF State and I heard about my general admission by end of January and SF State is bigger and harder to get into so what’s the flip with Sonoma State? Any experience or words of advice out there?

You’re too patient. Call them today.

Wow, I thought I was the only one who did not get anything. Have you called them yet? If you know anything about the admission, please let me know. I have a 4.24 weighted GPA, and they never emailed me anything. I am very worried because Sonoma State is my first choice. I am also surprised because I think that my GPA is good enough and I do a lot of volunteering work. Do you know when your daughter’s friends received their letters of acceptance? I would greatly appreciate if you reply to my comment. Thank You for your time.

My son was accepted about 3 weeks ago. His grades and scores were not as high as iamsobusynow and dogoodthengo. He also has at least one friend who has a 3.5’ish GPA was also accepted. Another friend is still waiting.

Current SSU student; sometimes our offices can be extremely slow with things-getting paid is a nightmare. From her stats, she seems like a great candidate to get in, so I wouldn’t be too worried on tha part.

I would call the admissions office for sure! One of my friends didn’t get in until last week, so your daughter isn’t the only one! When I applied, I didn’t hear until March.

I have two friends from SSU who told me they did not receive their acceptance until April. Impacted major could also be the reason why you have not received admission yet. I am also still patiently waiting for my acceptance (or rejection) as a transfer student with an impacted major. Good luck!!

Will you guys consider Psychology as an impacted major at Sonoma State? That’s my major.

From what you all said, it means that I might have a chance?

@Iamsobusynow: Psychology is an impacted major at SSU along with many other Cal states. For your information, check link:

Thank you for providing this link for me.

Does anyone know how difficult it is to get into the Communication Major as an incoming Freshman? Are there any pre-reqs?

Got accepted to SSU about 4 days ago. I also submitted my app in the beginning of October and just heard. Transfer student, Sociology.

Congrats with your acceptance.

has anyone still not received acceptance or rejection? i haven’t gotten anything yet

@jerseycali I’m still waiting to hear back too and I applied on 11/26. When did you apply?

11/17 i think @lucyy663

@jerseycali oh I’ve had friends who applied after that date and have heard back… maybe we should call?

If you call, they will only tell you that they are not done with notifying their admitted students.

STILL no answer…crickets chirping here. My daughter has yet to hear anything–multiple emails with the same vague answer. Voice mails left with no reply.

VERY disappointed in Sonoma State. All other State Colleges let my D know MONTHS ago that D was accepted. As parents during this difficult transitional time, it has been a very frustrating experience and I would advice any future families to steer clear of this place as your top choice because the wait has been hard.

She applied 10/27 with a 3.78 GPA and 28 on ACTs and while she did get into other wonderful colleges (San Diego State! Cal Poly! …oh WHY does she not want to go there?!?). Had her heart set on Sonoma State due to smaller size and close proximity to family as well as strong Early Childhood Education program. Her friends are also going which is another huge plus (with less GPA, applied later than her for same program…so NO, it is not by order like they tell you on that MySSU screen).

I SO fricken wish this was not her top choice as she was accepted to San Diego State University 6 weeks ago and we could have been celebrating this next transition in life and had everything all settled and not have this dark cloud over us. She was accepted to University of Redlands and St Mary’s with generous scholarships and I told her I was willing to put in the overtime to ensure she could go to these schools just so this all could be resolved but she is still holding out for Sonoma State.

Administration needs to take a close, hard look and how they conduct their Freshmen Application process. From my perspective–it SUCKS

My daughters friends knew they were accepted by end of January, early February–no rhyme or reason as far as I can see verses my daughter. Sucked as they had never taken the tours–she did twice, once with me and once with her father–and her friends keep texting her and asking D all about the place because they never took the tours. She gave her sweatshirt to her best friend as a congrats gift. And, she recently took down her Seawolf banner and gave it to another good friend as a congratulations gift. Broke my heart. Tried slamming her into my old SDSU and SF State college sweat shirts to say–look! you got into these wonderful state universities and be proud of this achievement, but she refuses to wear them until she hears from SSU.