Sonoma state transfers

Hey all,
I am a hopeful Sociology Sonoma state transfer student. I’ve heard that SSU has been notorious for late notice for admissions. Just curious if anyone has heard back yet? Feel free to drop any details you want (major, location, GPA, etc.)

Hi! I was accepted on February 19th!
Major: Business Admin
Location: Out of area, SLO
GPA: 2.7
I think you should be ok! My major is impacted and I highly surprised I was accepted! :slight_smile:

@ummyes hey there! I’m from SLO too :slight_smile: Cuesta?
I have a GPA of 3.5 and 2 associates. This waiting game is killing me though!
Thanks for all the insight :slight_smile:

@screenname1251 No way! Yes I go to Cuesta :slight_smile: are you from SLO? I think you’ll be ok! I read in another post they do admissions by major? And if you get accepted do you plan on living in the transfer dorms or off campus?

@ummyes I read the same thing! People from last year even heard back march 29th :frowning: haha
I’m actually from arroyo grande, right down the street haha
I’m hoping to live off campus! I don’t really see dorm life being for me. What about yourself?!

@screenname1251 Wow! are you a 2nd or 3rd year at cuesta? Did you go to AGHS? Well I am kind of in a pickle since I don’t know anyone from the area, the “dorms” look really nice if you have looked at them online! So I think I would do the dorms first year then see where that takes me. It’s an opportunity to meet new people as well!

Hello! I was accepted February 20th.
Major: Liberal Studies Hutchins
Location: Sonoma
GPA: 3.5
Sonoma State is pretty bad with admissions since they do everything by hand and not online. I haven’t heard any of my Sociology friends get accepted yet, and they go by major. I think you’ll be okay considering your GPA is pretty good.

@eagertransfer @ummyes hey guys! I got in!!! :slight_smile: looks like we’re all going to Sonoma

@ummyes I went to AGHS and I’m a second year at Cuesta :slight_smile: I was thinking about checking into the apartments in the surrounding area only because I’m so used to having my own space in AG haha but the dorms do look beautiful! So many decision

Hey guys! Just got accepted as well, sorry to divert from the main intent of the post but have you visited campus yet? Its one of the schools I am deciding between as a transfer student. Haven’t been able to visit yet but the dorms do look great! :smiley:

We toured the campus as a family with my son during the summer. Additionally, I graduated from SSU many, many years ago. I always liked the small, laid back feel of the campus when I was there, but I was also impressed by everything that had been added in 20+ years. The new (to me) student union and library were both nice additions. My wife and I joked that college had changed a great deal since we graduated in the 90’s. The schools want students to hang out on campus, even if they don’t live on it. Some have features that make them seem more like cruise ships than colleges. Rock climbing walls, indoor tracks, brew pubs, etc. SSU, for being a small campus, has quite a bit to offer and a temperate, park-like setting as well. I was mildly disappointed when my son chose Cal Poly SLO over SSU. So was my wife. My younger daughter SSU as her second choice behind Monterey Bay right now (ahead of CP SLO!) because she liked the safe and welcoming feel of Sonoma State so much.

Anyway, check it out. If it suits you, you’ll know immediately.

@AMCdad thanks!