Sonoma State University

Still waiting to hear - First Time Freshman Web site states 'All First-time Freshman applicants will be notified of their admission decision by March 15th.

Is anyone else out there still waiting to hear or acceptance or decline from SSU?

I hear they are behind in notifying students? Any info from anyone out there!

Sonoma has been very late in sending acceptances in the past – two years ago my d applied and didn’t receive her acceptance until April 3rd (and she applied to what was then an unimpacted major).

There is a forum here on CC for Sonoma State.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond. Did you D end up attending. My D and I went on a tour in Feb and it is a very beautiful campus. Lot’s of changes and updates in the past 5 years. Will continue to wait patiently. Thanks again!

I had applied early October and I just got my acceptance on Friday. I had called and they said that they had to go through impacted majors first and then slowly pick through the unimpacted majors? What is your daughters major? Mine is Math. You should here from them any moment now. Make sure to check the portal because that’s where I found out.

@SSU1960 No, my daughter crossed SSU off her list the last day of March. She was so frustrated with the wait. I think she would have been happy there. She has friends that attend SSU that are really happy.

Two years ago, SSU did admissions by hand. Looks like they still do it that way.

Thanks! her major is English which I believe is not impacted according to the list on the web. Your information is very helpful thanks for taking the time to document your experience

Sorry to hear that… Thanks for the info!

@SSU1960 - my D applied to SSU as an English major, too. I’m sure you’ll hear back soon!

Yep, I applied as a freshman applicant and my portal status still says “Ready for Decision”. UGH!

My D graduated from SSU in 2006 (a while back) in English and LOVED the program there. She said she almost felt like it was private school. The classes were small and teachers all knew her by name. She got a lot of personal mentoring. We know people who have been there more recently and it sounds like it hasn’t changed. My D went on the get her Masters and Teaching Credential and teaches High School. It was a great way to graduate with no debt while getting a good education at the same time. Good luck to all of you!

My D got accepted! Very excited! Thanks to all who have shared their experiences. SSU in my opinion is a hidden gem within the CSU system. Good Luck to all!

Congrats to you and your daughter. It is a very good school - truly unique within the system. The English program has always been very strong. I am sure your daughter will be happy there.

My son is still waiting. He applied to a non impacted major and I know those are the last ones they look at. Does anyone know the eligibility index for a non impacted major at SSU?

Not sure about eligibility index… have you tried calling the Admission’s Rep and ask about status? Good Luck! I’m sure you will find out soon…

EI for most majors at SSU is about 3200-3300

Where can the eligibility indexes be found?

For some majors they list it here:

As you can see - Nusring is 3800 while pre-biz is 3106. None is listed for Criminology but, other requirements suggest it is more competitive than Biz but, less than nursing.

For ‘local applicants’
A little dated but, shows a campus-wide EI threshold of 3200. At most campuses, they tick up a bit some years and down others.

Hope that’s helpful.

I am a transfer student that applied to an un-impacted major towards the end of November, I know this leaves me late on the list to be notified, and I am aware of Sonoma’s reputation of being slow with getting these things out, but with all the decisions supposed to be out on March 15th, the SeaWolf Decision Day this weekend, and final decisions needing to be made by the end of next month I keep getting more anxious! Is anyone else still waiting?

@anthrotransfer Don’t worry, you’re not the only one waiting. I gave Sonoma State a call and they informed me that they’ll try to have decisions out by the end of next week hopefully.

@hoover1995 Are you still waiting? I just checked and I got in, however my girlfriend who also wants to attend still has not heard back